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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

151. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde [1941] (C)
152. Cold Souls (B-)
153. Drive (A)

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Much has been said about how Spencer Tracey was miscast in the title role of this film (he was), but the worst offender is Ingrid Bergman, who is never once believable as a poor waitress. She's just too regal to ever come off as the "bad woman" she's supposed to be here. As for the film, it's okay, but it never overcomes the problems in casting to be any more than that. Any of the famous Universal horror pictures are better.

Cold Souls: An intriguing sf movie in which Paul Giamatti stars as himself, but one that never fully exploits its premise (in which the soul, or at least something called the soul, has been scientifically quantified and can be extracted from the subject). Honestly, the whole thing would probably work better if it wasn't Giamatti playing himself, which ultimately serves as more of a distraction than a benefit.

Drive: All the reviews say this is a stripped-down action movie with great economy, and that's about right. Everyone in the cast gets one or two scenes to play (except for Gosling, although he is very restrained as the lead) and then the movie continues along. It doesn't waste any time, and often lets the film's terrific soundtrack propel the movie forward without any dialogue at all. Hopefully this won't be Nic Refn's last American movie -- he's a very talented director that seems to know exactly what he wants.

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