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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

Machine Gun Preacher - free screenin'
The Ides of March - free screenin'
Real Steel - free screenin'
127 Hours - HBO on Demand
Fireflies in the Garden - free screenin'

Went down to south Austin yesterday, for only my second screenin' ever at the Cinemark Tinseltown near Stassney & I-35. The first time I went there for a movie screenin', it was S.W.A.T., which just goes to show how often they have screenings there...

I miss my S.W.A.T. ballcap I got at that screenin'....

Anyway, Fireflies...

Its a family drama about an abusive father (Willam Dafoe), his wife (Julia Roberts) their teenage son (played by Ryan Reynolds as an adult) & the wife's sister (played by Hayden Panettierre as a young adult). There's two time periods at work - a particular summer where the wife's sister came to live with the domestic disturbance and the week in May (presumably) when Julia Roberts's wife had finally finished college. Her graduation is the reason everyone is gatherin' together. There was a sense that Ryan Reynolds hadn't been home in a long time, but it seemed to me that if he attended the local college, it probably hadn't been that long.

But, anyway...

Carrie-Anne Moss and Ioan Gruffurd have supportin' roles.

Not often ya get to see Mr. Fantastic, the Green Goblin & Deadpool in a movie with Trinity & Claire, huh?

Filmed four years ago in Austin & Bastrop, the folks next to me talked about the filmin' of one scene at the UT campus (she thinks she saw herself & he said he was a sophomore when they filmed there), the movie is finally gettin' released in a limited run.

The problem I had with it is that it's not all that great. It has moments, but the moments don't add up enough to make for a good movie.

Ah, well, at least it was free...

Tonight's free screenin' will be The Thing (2011)...or, if I don't get into that, Footloose, since I have extra passes & its at the same theater.
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