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Re: Star Trek: The Promellian Gap 52176

Star Trek Promellian

Lani's Battle

Chapter 2

Stardate: 52176.2

March 6, 2375, Time: 07:30:43

Almost an hour had passed since Lani had seen the Cardassian ship leave. None of the functioning passive sensors could detect any new ships arriving. She could not justify waiting any longer. She fired up the small cold start anti matter reactor near the center of the ship. It refilled it's plasma battery and powered up the internal scanners. The ones that still worked revealed a disaster. The upper and lower main reactors were still in good shape, but the upper warp drive was damaged. She tried to contact the bridge, but there was no response. She checked the environmental controls. There was no air. That was not supposed to happen! The bridge was in a vault made of armor plating two point five meters thick and buried in the center of the ship on Deck 14. She accessed the internal cameras. There was a big hole in the bridge. A security robot in the bridge responded and she had it look up the hole. One of the Cardassian disrupters had burned through three meters of armor, blown a hole through the top warp coils, burned through another three meters of armor, missed the upper reactor by a meter or two and burned through the bridge armor causing explosive decompression on the bridge. It had almost held, but not quite. She looked for other personnel.

Lt. Tega Sevana and Ensign Vi Solari were injured and trapped on deck 13 next to the bulk head. They were loosing air. An emergency force field was all that separated them from the vacuum of space, and it was flickering. It's power regulator was damaged. Lani's self repair system transported some of the fractured hall beyond the force field into the recycler on deck 14 where it was broken down and it's molecules were dumped into the matter storage unit below on deck 15. The replicator fabricated an air lock door and it was transported into place sealing the hall beyond the force field. The force field was then recycled and replaced in the same manner allowing the hall to be repressurize. Heat was now a problem. She needed to repair the plasma conduit so the local heaters would work. Lani focused on that task.

Lt. Tega regained conscientiousness. Her eyes were on fire and she couldn't see. There was a piercing pain in her throat, and she couldn't feel anything below the middle of her back. She checked her cybernetic implant. She had been out for about an hour. The wireless com circuit reached out and made contact with her verteron beam pistol. It was at her side where it belonged. It contacted the local life support panel. The air pressure had dropped slowly for an hour then abruptly returned to normal. That meant Lani's self repair system was active. Good. Vi was near by. She could feel her implant. 'Vi!' she sent via wireless signal. Vi stirred. 'Vi! Wake up!'

'Huh? What?' Vi replied.

'The ship was badly damaged. What's your condition?' Lt. Tega.

Vi looked around. The emergency lighting gave just enough light so see. 'I've suffered multiple burns and I'm trapped by a large metal pipe. You, on the other hand, are very bad off.'

'Where are you?' Lt. Tega asked.

'I'm to your left, Aunt Tega' Vi replied.

'I have an Idea,' Lt. Tega said and moved gently to pull her pistol. 'I can link up with the tactical camera on my pistol and substitute it for my vision. I'll see if I can free you.' She set the pistol on cut and fired on the pipe. In a few seconds the pipe fell free.

'Ow!' Vi cried as it fell in her lap. 'I can now move, but everything feels worse now.'
'Go find a working auto-doc and get in it,' Lt. Sevana ordered. 'I can't have you passing out trying to help me.'

Vi crawled over to the nearest cabin, opened the door, and crawled in. 'Found one,' she reported. 'I'll be out in a minute.

One hundred seven seconds later Vi returned. 'Woo! It's an older model. Those older models always leave me woozy when they are done.' she remarked pushing back her pink hair. Her clean sun yellow uniform nearly glowed in the dark corridor.
'So let me experience the woozy now,' Lt. Tega requested. 'I'm having my implant block my pain, so be quick.'

'Ok, here goes,' Vi said grabbing Tega by the shoulders. Vi drug her into the cabin in put her in the auto-doc and closed the lid with a push of a button.

"Patient Identified!" a cute voice squeaked. Lt. Tega Sevana. Medical file found. Initiating auto heal." Lt. Tega partially dematerialized in the auto doc's transporter beam. The shrapnel embedded in her did not match any normal body content and was filtered out of the matter stream. Likewise, the smoke in her lungs was red flagged and filtered out. The auto doc didn't have a complete copy of her last transporter pattern, but it did have enough biometric data on her to know the dimensions her bones were supposed to have and knew when one was broken. It knew a generic bone pattern and used it to reassemble her bones. The lacerations, deep and shallow, in her did not match the biometric data and her flesh was reconnected using the appropriate generic patterns in it's data base. Like wise, the torn neurons in her spine did not match spec, so were reassembled using more generic patterns and her biometric data on file. She was low on blood, so artificial blood was infused. Finally it filtered out the dirt in her bright red uniform and repaired the tears. Over a dozen times Lt. Tega dematerialized and rematerialized until she was whole again. She opened her reconstructed eyes to see a cute cartoon nurse on the display above her face. "You're all fixed up!" she said in her cute squeaky voice. "Your blood chemistry may take several minutes to regain it's equilibrium, so be careful!" she warned. "Thank you for choosing Solari Mark 2 auto docs."

"Open," Lt. Tega ordered and the lid opened. The motion made her head swim. "Gah!" she exclaimed covering her eyes. "You're right, these older units do leave you woozy."

"Yeah, the mark 4's have more positronic cylinders and better scanners," Vi replied with a nod. "They do a better job of getting blood chemistry right."

"Have you gotten hold of Lani yet?" Tega asked.

"No, the power is out in this section of the ship," Vi replied. "The air scrubbers are running on back up power. The cold is going to be a problem soon."

Lt. Tega gently sat up, carefully opened her eyes one at a time, and pushed back her blue hair. "There will be emergency blankets in the closet. and there should be a medical grade stasis unit not to far away if it comes to that."

Abruptly the lights blinked on full strength and the girl cried out and covered their eyes. A cartoon woman appeared on a display screen and said: "The heat should be back on soon. I had to fix some plasma conduits and reconnect to more of my positronic cylinders."

"Lani! You live!" Ensign Vi cheered.

"Lani, report. What happened?" Lt. Tega ordered.

"About an hour ago a Cardassian attack cruiser, a Jem'Hadar fighter, and a Breen Attack ship performed a three point attack on us," Lani began. "The Jem'Hadar ship appears to have fired a polaron beam that slipped passed my shields like they weren't there."

"Shields are supposed to do more than look shiny!" Ensign Vi objected."

"The Breen ship fired an energy dampening beam at me," Lani continued. "It felt like a Menthar aceton assimilator, only a thousand times stronger. My immunity to the Menthar technology limited the effect. I dumped my remaining power reserves into the photon torpedo launchers and fired. What's left of the Breen and Jem'Hadar ship is floating in the debris field, and Cardassian ship limped away leaking plasma."

"What's your damage?" Lt. Tega asked. "What's our casualty count?"

Lani displayed a diagram of the ship showing the destroyed sections. "I have multiple major hull breaches. I have multiple plasma conduit breaches. I have no warp drive, no weapons, no shields, no subspace radio, very limited scanners, and I have an aft section I cant contact yet. Lt. Commander Tencta Andid and a crew of twelve engineers are working on the warp drive. I've found two dozen of our Z'Niani scientists alive and have put them in stasis. I think there are a couple more in the aft section."

"That's only thirty eight or forty of us," Ensign Vi counted, "there were four hundred of us on board. What about the rest?"

"They are confirmed dead or are missing," Lani replied.

"What are your objectives?" Lt. Tega asked.

"Objective 1: regain contact with the aft section and secure any survivors there," Lani replied. "Objective 2: Rebuild the subspace radio so I can alert Kui-Xing Prime. Objective 3: Regain warp drive so I can head home. I expect it will take two days."

"We need to assume the enemy will be returning," Lt. Tega mused. "That means we should make the cloaking device objective 4. We need to both run and hide as soon as we can instead of waiting for the rescue party."

"Acknowledged," Lani nodded.

"Maybe we should have joined the federation in warring against the Cardassians when they fought last time," Ensign Vi mumbled." We knew the Cardassians were going to be trouble sooner or later."

"That would have been a bad Idea," Lt. Tega objected. "That was almost thirty years ago. Most of our fleet were of the second generation warp seven variety. They were boxy and our most powerful ship had to transform into a robot before it could fire it's main gun. The amount of technology we salvaged from federation ships blown up in that war was immense. Like wise The Tzenkenthi War introduced several superior technologies that have been essential."

"Yet we are still playing catch up," Ensign Vi grumbled.

"Lani, are those unique weapons still floating out there?" Lt. Tega asked."

"Yes," Lani nodded. "At least I think so, I see them out there."

"We need to assimilate that technology!" Ensign Vi exclaimed standing up.

"Vi!" Lt. Tega snapped. "We aren't supposed to use that word!"

"What word? Ensign Vi asked.

"Assimilate," Lt. Tega replied. "We scan and download advanced technology and download it onto the public net, not assimilate."

"That's stupid!" Ensign Vi insisted.

"If we meet up with the Federation and we say: 'We assimilate technology,' we will scare them," Lt. Tega countered. "We don't want to scare the Federation."

"Fine!" Ensign Vi pouted, "We need to scan their weapons, copy their computer files, so it can be dumped on the public net. That will require a couple of tool kits and a mobile computer with a backup power supply."

"What kind of chassis do you need?" Lani asked.

"A photon torpedo chassis," Lt. Tega suggested. "Can you get me a photon torpedo?"

"Yes," Lani nodded. "I can transport one into the hallway."

"I can pull an emergency powers supply out of the cabin next door and a few of your positronic cylinders so you can fly it out there." Ensign Vi mused as the whine of a transporter could be heard from the hall.

"We need EVA suits and a couple assault riffles," Lt. Tega noted pulling a weapon off the wall in the cabin.

The two opened the case of the torpedo case and pulled out the antimatter device and warp continuation engine. Lt. Tega eyed one of the anti-mater capsules with a smile. They cut holes for rotating nozzle maneuvering thrusters. A plasma battery snapped into place. Ensign Vi installed a positronic cylinder rack and plugged in the cylinders she had pulled from the cabins nearby. A pulse transmitter was mounted. A hostile interface unit was mounted in a new hole in the nose. The mods took nearly six hours to complete. The girls suited up for EVA.

"Ungh!" Lt. Tega grunted shoving against the modified torpedo. "Give me a hand, Vi," she asked.

"Lani, can you drop the gravity to 1%?" Ensign Vi asked.

The modified torpedo launched down the hall. "Very funny, Vi," Lt. Tega said scowling at Vi's smirk. Lani used the thrusters on the torpedo to guide it out the improvised airlock. "Take this bag of toys with you and I'll take the other," Lt. Tega said holding out a bag.

They followed the modified torpedo out through the hole in the hull. Lt. Tega tied her bag of toys to the edge of the hole and followed to the Jem'Hadar ship. The Jem'Hadar ship tumbled dangerously fast in three different directions. Lt. Tega fired photon grenades at the ship's extremities until it stopped tumbling. She led the way into the ship.

'Only one Jem'Hadar is still on board,' Lt. Tega sent. 'My tricorder says he's frozen solid and missing part of one arm. The rest of the crew was probably sucked out when that giant hole in the roof was blown off. He even has his assault riffle. on his him yet. We should take him back and put him in stasis.'

'The main computer is without power as expected,' Ensign Vi noted and pulled an access panel off. 'Good, the power regulator is in tact. I can feed the plasma directly to the regulator.' She removed the power cable to the regulator and attached the one from the modified torpedo. The computer blinked to life. She attached the hostile interface probe to the computer. 'Ready?' she asked holding up her right fist. Lt. Tega nodded and the both pointed their fists at the computer. Probes shot out of their cuffs and into the computer. The computer resisted for twenty seven seconds before it yielded. 'Wow, this computer taste different, but the security is poor. Once you are through the outer security, the data isn't even encrypted.'

'Lani, can you handle this?' Lt. Tega asked.

'Yes,' she replied.

'Good, help me scan the polaron beam directly Vi, they may have intentional inaccuracies in the files,"

For five hours they scanned the polaron beam, the shields, the warp engines, and the computer's circuit structure. Finally, with the torpedo towing the Jem'Hadar corpse they were ready to leave.

'I'll be right with you,' Lt. Tega sent. 'I'm going to play with some toys first.

Fifteen minutes later they were headed back to their ship. They put the Jem'Hadar in stasis, ate some food, and went to sleep.

Back on board the wounded Cardassian attack cruiser, Gul Rakvot was dreaming that he was slaughtering Vorta, founders, Jem'Hadar, and Breen in great numbers. It was a good dream. It ended with him being woken by his aide.

"Gul Rakvot, sir," the aid called.

"What is it?" Rakvot asked.

"The subspace radio has been repaired," the aid reported.

"Has anyone else been told?" Rakvot asked.

"No sir," the aid replied.

"I need to make a private transmission," Rakvot informed. "I will make it from my quarters."

"Do to some technical reasons, the radio only works from your personal office," the aid noted.

"That is convenient," Rakvot noted.

"Thank you, sir," the aid saluted and left.

Rakvot sat in his chair and called his commander's office. Legate Damar answered.

"Gul Rakvot! Why didn't you call in as scheduled?" Damar demanded.

"I had an incident involving my guests," Rakvot replied. "I'm sending you a log. Watch it."

Damar watched the log of the battle. "I see," Damar mused. "Confining them to quarters was justified, but that will get you in trouble when none of the rest would have. Set course for Kelvas V. I will have a ship intercept you and pick up your guests. Once that ship is out of range, divert to Omekla III for repairs. Once they are complete go to Unefra III and stay quiet. You may be safe there. In the mean time. I will send Gul Revok with a fleet to collect the debris. They should get there in about eight or nine hours."

"I see," Rakvot noted. " I suspect my subspace radio is about to suffer another failure."

Damar nodded and the link was broken.
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