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Re: Star Trek: The Promellian Gap 52176

Excuses don't work for me very well. This story set is coming out of my brain like a venting plasma conduit. It's a messy process that has me dreaming about phasers when I sleep. Writing this is a bid for sanity. I've dumped some of the anime stuff as it was acting like a shoe that was too tight. Any who, I've reworked chapter 1 a bit and wrote chapter 2 let me know if it's better or worse as I'm working on chapter 3.

Star Trek Promellian

Lani's Battle

Chapter 1

Stardate: 52176.1

March 6, 2375, Time: 06:38:09

Gul Rakvot Sat in his captain's chair brooding. He did not trust this Dominion toady that sat nearby on his bridge. Nor did he trust the Breen diplomat on his bridge. He did not know how or why, but somehow the Cardassian Union was going to suffer for this alliance. Of that he was sure. He would have preferred it if the diplomats were in their own ships, but neither the Jem'Hadar fighter on his port side nor the Breen Attack ship on his starboard side was as roomy as his attack cruiser, so here they were on his bridge.

"I'm detecting a ship!" the tactical officer announced."

"What type is it?" Gul Rakvot asked.

"Scans are inconclusive," the officer replied. "It has a mass of one million tons and is scanning a large asteroid."

"It could be a Federation ship." Ketran, the Vorta next to Gul Rakvot interrupted. "We should destroy it!"

"We are in Menthar space, Federation space is all the way on the other side of Cardassian space!" Gul Rakvot objected with a glare, "but it is close to our borders, so take a closer look."

The three ships diverted and closed in on the ship.

The tactical officer announced and put the ship on screen. The ship was bright red and looked like a flattened and elongated bubble. Warp engines wrapped around the top and bottom like a belt.

"Is it Tzenkenthi?" Ketran asked.

"It is a Gui-Xing space frame," the tactical officer reported. "It appears to be a frigate."

"Who are they?" Ketran demanded.

"They are a minor race from planet Kui-Xing," Kadak, the Breen diplomat replied. "They stole warp technology from the Ferengi just a century ago and took a planet from a Ferengi corporation with cobbled together ships. They have set up several artificial environments in Menthar space as well. They have not seen serious combat since. Our privateers hit them occasionally. Our new energy dampening beam should shut them down hard!"

"We should ignore them and focus on our mission and return to Cardassia Prime." Rakvot countered. Diplomatic missions are a bad place to initiate conflict with unknowns."

"No!" Ketran objected. "We will attack! We need to know their strength!"

"This is not the time!" Gul Rakvot insisted.

"You were put under my command!" Ketran glared back as his two Jem'Hadar guards stood close staring menacingly at Gul Rakvot.

"My crew would be happy to join you in this attack!" Kadak said in agreement.

Gul Rakvot turned with a glare. "Fine!" he growled. "One of you will attack from the front, one of you will attack from behind, while I attack from the side."

"Breen are not afraid to attack head on!" Kadak volunteered.

The Breen ship swooped in toward the front of the Kui-Xing ship while the Jem'Hadar ship swooped in from behind. The Kui-Xing ship's shields were already up. Four beam weapons on the front of the Kui-Xing ship and four beam weapons on the back of the ship fire simultaneously on attacking ships and hit them squarely.

"Their shields have dropped by twenty five percent!" the Cardassian tactical officer reported refering to the allied ships.

"Why didn't my ship even try to dodge the phasers?" demanded Ketran.

"Those were verteron beams," the tactical officer replied. "Verteron beams are nearly impossible to dodge."

"It should not be possible to aim verteron beams so quickly!" Ketran objected.

"What's wrong, Ketran," Gul Rakvot asked, "you worried?"

The Jem'Hadar ship fired a polaron beam and the Kui-Xing's ship's shield let it pass. It's hull was ripped open under the onslaught.

"Not at all!" Ketran replied with confidence. "Dominion superior weapon technology has clearly rendered your concerns ridiculous, Gul Rakvot,"

The Breen ship fired it's energy dampening beam and the Kui-Xing shields flickered out.

"Our new weapons are also quite effective!" Kadak boasted.

The Cardassian ship joined in opening fire on the Kui-Xing ship from above and more and more hull plates on the hapless ship exploded into space! Suddenly the Cardassian tactical officer yelled a particularly rude and easily translated expletive causing everyone to turn to the screen. The Kui-Xing ship had blossomed with over two dozen photon torpedoes simultaneously! Their incandescent contrails followed them as the sought out their targets like an angry swarm of bees.

The Jem'Hadar ship dodged some of the swarm headed for it, but the torpedoes that hit left it tumbling and the ones that missed swung around in graceful arcs and struck their targets on the way back around. Like wise, the Breen ship swerved, but again the ones that missed came back around and hit home on the wounded ship.

The attack cruiser evaded nothing. The torpedoes swarmed the armored ship and pounded it. The cruiser's shields popped like a soap bubble. Gul Rakvot's chair launched into the air as a plasma conduit under his chair burst. He blocked the impact with the ceiling with his arms and then rolled as his chair came back down. Emergency personnel burst into the bridge as the plasma conduit was shut down.

"Gul Rakvot!" The EMT called, "Are you OK?" he asked running a medical scanner over him.

He rolled up on his feet. There were bruises, but his chair had taken the worst of it. The soles of his shoes had melted and were sticking to the floor. "I'm fine, what of my crew?" he demanded.

The medical officer turned to look over at the other two bridge officers and checked what they medical techs were doing.

"They are alive, but badly burned," he reported. "We will get them to the medical bay right away!"

While the medical techs were carrying away the wounded, Gul Rakvot noted that Ketran had been shielded by the two now dead Jem'Hadar while the Kadak had been shielded by his environmental suit. 'Dang! They lived!' he snarled to himself.

"What's our status?" Gul Rakvot asked the engineering officer as he arrived.

He worked the damaged console a moment before answering. The main screen flickered back to life and the Otaku ship appeared on the main view screen. "The Kui-Xing ship has several major hull breaches, it has vented a lot of plasma, there's lot's of ionic radiation, and I detect no life signs or reactor activity."

"What about my ship?" Ketran demanded.

The Jem'Hadar ship appeared on the view screen. "Major hull damage to the bridge, no life signs."

"What about my ship?" Kadak demanded.

The view screen shifted to the Breen ship. "Your ship is missing it's whole top half, no life signs."

"Now see," Rakvot noted, "that is what happens when you fail to recognise Cardassian superior tactical wisdom."

Ketran glared at Rakvot and yelled: "Fire on the Kui-Xing ship! Leave nothing!"

The engineering officer worked over his panel a bit and then replied: "We don't have any weapons."

"How long till we can fix them?" Gul Rakvot asked.

"That will be a bit of a problem," the engineer replied as an image of the front of the ship showed on screen. "The main weapons array has been blasted off our ship. There is a big holes where we are supposed to have our front disruptors. As for the aft weapons, we are missing the rear 50 meters or so of our ship. Then there are the fused shield generators. And the plasma fire in the transporters. And the dead atmospheric systems."

"We need to send a message to headquarters," Ketran decided.

"Good luck with that," the tactical officer replied, "our subspace communicator is also fried. We may get it back on line in a day or two."

"Do we at least have warp drive?" Gul Rakvot asked.

The tactical officer checked. "Yes, we have warp drive. It's damaged, so we are limited to about Warp 4.9, but we have warp drive."

"This is all your fault!" Ketran screamed at Gull Rakvot.

Gul Rakvot pulled his side arm and levelled it at the two diplomats! "Go to your quarters and don't let me see you again until we get back to Cardassia!"

The Diplomats fled for their rooms.

Gul Rakvot turned to the engineering officer, "Get us back to Cardassian space as fast as you can without breaking anything else! Alert me immediately when the subspace com system is back on line, even if I'm asleep." The attack cruiser gingerly turned from the ravaged ships and debris field and set off for Cardassia.
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