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Re: "Castle" season 4 begins tonight

Damn.. i just saw one of the best Castle episodes ever!

Back when i heard they'd revisit the 3XK case i thought it could be a good episode, especially the focus on Ryan who i think is an awesome character played by a very good actor.

Dever really sold the role today.. he was fantastic as the man on edge ready to fall over and go wild. I really felt for him when he learned that his stolen weapon was used to murder someone else and i understood his rage.

The rest of the episode was good to.. i rarely pay much attention to the cases themselves as i'm not that into cop/murder/investigation shows and with Castle i focus on the characters and their interactions but this one had me paying attention all throughout and the ending was very engaging and emotional. Hats off to the cast and the writers.

And it didn't have much of the usual Castle funnies which makes the epsiode even more impressive because much of the appeal of the show lies on Castle and his antics (at least for me).

They've gotten a good mix going right now between funny Castle and some serious drama.. i'd wish they keep this level up.
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