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Re: Hawaii 5-0: The Second Season Begins!

I wasn't crazy about the third episode, but I really liked last night's ep. I like stuff where they delve into Hawaiian history/culture--I had no idea about the special currency printed during WWII!

Subtlety is not this show's strong suit. I knew as soon as Steve started asking Joe about getting an answer back from the DOD about the tape that Joe either hadn't sent it or was hiding the answer. I wonder if Joe knows more than he's letting on--I hope so. Much as I like Terry O'Quinn, Joe could use a little depth as a character.

Also not subtle is Kono's undercover mission. If I have to see her pout and glare like a teenager at Chin one more time, I'm going to throw something at my TV. I did like that Chin's response at the end was simply, I'm going to be here for you, as opposed to chewing her out like I was expecting. From the preview, it looks like things will come to a head next week.

Steve always gets so pissy when Danno flirts on the job. And yet, it's okay for Steve to take a detour and leave Danno sitting in the car so he can see his hook up buddy? Steve's double standards never cease to amuse me. It makes the character more human I think.

I think it's a good thing for Danno that he's moving on from Rachel, but I wish they wouldn't just drop that storyline. I miss seeing Danno interact with Grace, and also, I want to see the tension between Danno and Rachel now that she's back with Stan and carrying Stan's kid. I feel really bad for Danno--the poor guy just wants his family back.

I liked Lori's compassion for the mother--that would be a really hard situation to be in. Overall, I really liked this ep! Did anyone else watch?
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