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Re: Supernatural7x3 "The Girl Next Door" Jewel Staite guest stars

I can't believe how vehemently Mo Ryan thinks Dean's action were totally out of character.

Not only this but her are a few of the charming comments from other fans.

"Dean would never kill a mother with a child near by".

Well he has killed a dad with a teenager just two feet to the side before, didn't even hesitant. Also pretty sure if he had his gun (first season when the humans are caging and hunted to death other humans), Dean would have wasted the whole family in front of the girl. Don't think it would have bothered him at all.

"Dean is so cold blooded. Just because his friend Died, Dean wouldn't be cold hearted. He has lost family before and never was cold hearted".

Apparently this women never saw In My Time of Dying and the next four episodes of SPN.

"How dare Dean not trust Sam. He has no reason not to trust Sam"

I don't know lets see someone who is currently having a psychotic break that's lasting over a week, and has had recent head trauma. And that person is trained to kill. Seems like sufficient reasons to me. But hey Sam wrote a note.

God people are incredibly stupid. It literally boggles my mind.
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