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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

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Well, at least they're paying attention to their customers this time.
No, their stockholders.

If they were listening to their customers, their price increase might have been 25%, not 60%.

So they have "one company" for both DVDs and streaming. BFD. Does nothing for me. 60% price increase meant I had to change my plan. Either pay more for the same product, or else adjust my plan (getting less product) for the same price (which is the same as paying more...)

No win for the customer. None whatsoever. So those of you keeping both streaming and DVD don't have to log into two different sites. Whoop de fucking doo.
Which may simply be a diversionary tactic anyway. Appease someone over a non-existent plot of land, and you win more square acreage while making the customer think you're listening to them and giving ground.

Netflix: "We're raising prices and eating babies!"
Customer: "What?! That's wrong!"
Netflix: "You're right. Eating babies is wrong. We won't eat any babies, and after this, no more price increases! See? We listen!"
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