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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Caucasian is a bullshit made-up pseudoscientific word that has little to nothing to do with anything.
None of the widely used racial or ethnic classifications mean anything scientifically. Race in the sense that it's being discussed here is a social fabrication.

In closing, they should have just let her look like herself and explained it away as having different dads or moms or cast a brother who was less white-bread.
There was never a need to explain or address it in any way.

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^ What's Superman?
Jessica Alba's new film. She has the title role. Since she's half Kryptonian it works.
Bullshit. The first time I saw her - without knowing who she was - I said to myself "what is that Daxamite chick doing playing a Kryptonian?"

Turns out I was right, so it must be pretty obvious.

P.S. - what's a Daxamite?
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