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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Geez, I'm sure her last name was on the posters and in the credits. It was also widely discussed here and elsewhere. Wouldn't be suprised if you contributed to those discusions. So, yeah. A lucky guess. Lets stick to that story.
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Nice way to stay civil there, ace. Well, since I'm just ignorant, it was a hell of a lucky guess on my part, huh.
You can claim anything you like on a BBS, but people are under no compunction to believe unproven assertions which are implausibly self-serving.

Nor is civility a virtue in response to some of this narrow foolishness.
I have lots of bad traits. I am no liar. Not ever. Life is too short, and I pledged years ago I would not live my life in any way that I feel a need to lie about it. For the record, I haven't kept track of the people in pop culture since Lee Majors was one of them.

I really want this conversation to end, but I will not be silent when my character is attacked. So I'm done now, unless someone insults me again.
Are't you a lawyer? Surely you must know how faulty human memory is and how events can get reordered in the convolutions of the mind when recollecting. Especially when a "good story" is being told. That not lying, its being human.

For the record I also think Alba was miscast as Sue. My reason: She looked too young to be Sue. Sue should not look younger than Johnny!!!!!! Then again every character, with possible exception of Evans as the Torch was too. Even Michael Chiklis as the Thing was disappointing.

So, any new Superman news?
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