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Re: the state of sf/f TV development for 2012-13

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Cloak & Dagger (ABC Family) - drama based on the Marvel comic of the same name about teen runaways in New York city who develop superpowers - he can engulf enemies in darkness, she can emit daggers of light - after being forced to take experimental drugs.
Not very familiar with the comics characters, and this description of their powers doesn't make them sound very useful or flexible. Still, it would depend on the writing and characterization.

Defiance (SyFy) – Rockne O’Bannon is behind this experiment in the “first multi-platform shooter MMO which interconnects with a global television program.” The plotline appears to be pretty much a first-person shooter game, ported to TV.
That sounds profoundly uninteresting to me.

Hyde (ABC) - contemporary interpretation of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic split-personality tale.

Jeckyll & Hyde (also ABC, how’s that for a split personality?) - drama about a female criminal psychologist in San Francisco who is drawn into the mysterious world of a brilliant but inhibited scientist and his volatile alter ego.
Probably they're going to pick one over the other, but imagine if they both sold -- and aired back to back on the same night! "Hyde-day on ABC!"

Last Hope (Showtime) - drama about the last hospital on planet earth.
Post-apocalyptic, I assume.

Mockingbird (ABC Family) - drama featuring the marvel comics character.
She's a SHIELD agent, non-superpowered IIRC, so this could have mainstream spy-fi appeal. Wouldn't it be cool if it were set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and featured Agent Coulson as a recurring or regular character?

Powers (FX) - based on the graphic novel series, Powers is a high concept crime procedural where the detectives police the brutal and sensational crimes surrounding super power beings, while illuminating the weaknesses and strengths of humanity in the process. Powers follows the life of Christian Walker, a homicide detective devoted solely to cases that involve "powers" (people with superpowers).
Very interested in this, though I'm not sure about the casting.

Source Code (CBS) - drama based on the film about three former federal agents who are part of a top-secret program that uses technology to jump into the consciousness of people involved in tragic events.
Not surprising that they'd try to get a series out of this concept; it does seem like Quantum Leap meets Seven Days. Obviously they'd have to change things considerably from the way the technology worked in the movie.

Stranger Planet (FOX) – Drama about a hard-boiled L.A. cop who stumbles upon the existence of aliens living among us and must team up with two aliens in order to solve intergalactic mysteries on earth.
So it's a more serious Men in Black. Okay, potentially interesting, but why would so many alien crimes and mysteries be happening on Earth?

Untitled Warehouse 13 Spinoff Project (SyFy) - spin-off of the SyFy hit centering on the character of HG Wells and her adventures in a 1890s steampunk environment.
Pleasepleasepleaseyes, do this show now. They could just call it Warehouse 12, but that might be a bit confusing. Wells of the Warehouse?

ABC and CW have dueling Beauty & the Beast remakes in development.
Am I right that this refers to the '80s Linda Hamilton/Ron Perlman series and not the fairy tale?

American Gods (HBO) – Based on Neil Gaiman’s novel.
Gaiman is good. I haven't read that one, but I probably ought to.

Bewitched (CBS) - revival of the 1964-72 comedy about a witch who marries a mortal and tries to lead the life of a typical suburban housewife.
Not sure how well this could work. The original show, in its first season before it degenerated into shallow gimmickry, was an allegory about class, gender, and race relations, "mixed" marriages and minorities "passing" as the majority, things like that. Could a modern remake have the same allegorical substance, and if so, what would be the focus? Or would it just be about goofy adventures and special effects like the original ended up being?

The Munsters (NBC) – Bryan Fuller’s revival of the 1960s-series-turned-movie franchise billed as Modern Family meets True Blood.
I would be so much happier if this were The Addams Family. I never got into The Munsters.

The Seven Wonders (ABC) - drama which tracks an unlikely five-member team as they search the world for seven pieces of an ancient and powerful relic.
I saw that show. It was called Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive.

The Spectre (FOX) - drama based on the DC comics hero, a former cop serving time in afterlife limbo who hunts down earthly criminals on behalf of the dead - and mortals soon to be dead if ultimate justice is not served.
I don't care for the Spectre. He seems more malevolent and sadistic than the criminals he hunts. I'd rather see other DC properties adapted, shows about heroes and protectors rather than demons of vengeance.

Under the Dome (Showtime) – drama based on Stephen King's novel about locals at a Maine vacation spot who battle one another when a force field suddenly surrounds their town and cuts them off from the rest of the world.
Hey, how about getting DC to co-produce this show and making it about the bottle city of Kandor? I mean, come on, Stephen, we've seen you tackle Maine once or twice before.

Untitled More Weird Shit in British Columbia Forests Project (TNT) - this drama follows a family of cops who uncover the mystical and often crime-ridden world of a small Pacific Northwest town where things aren't as they appear.
Does "things" include the owls?

I was surprised to find that the sci fi side of the equation vs. fantasy is about equal – I had the impression that fantasy is very dominant now.
"Now?" Try "for most of my adult life."
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