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Re: Star Trek: Vanguard: What Judgments Come review thread (SPOILERS)

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That's true but in this one everyone seems to be in on it. Zeke Fischer, who I can see doing something sneaky & underhanded to get Diego off the ship, furthers the espionage by passing along some tech that not only will require Reyes to stay on the ship longer but will put him in even more danger than he's already in. It struck me as out of character.

Now, T'Prynn I can see having no problems with something like this at all. She's not exactly the poster child for ethical behavior. And Nogura, after being shocked! Shocked I say! by the initial attempt just slides right into phase two. Rather than being outraged about an operation that led to the deaths of two of his crew I got the feeling that he felt cheated that he didn't get to be the one that sent them to be killed.

It's a minor part of the story but it just seems like some people are acting out of character just to service the plot, Fischer in particular.

There are elements of Starfleet that do things that just aren't right but there should also be consequences. We know, thanks to TMP, that Nogura just keeps climbing the ladder. Of course, with the well known writer of the last book, he may be the only one to make it our alive...
Well, T'Prynn has to survive too, since we already know she dies in 2349, 7X years after Vanguard.
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