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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x08 - "Property Values"

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Because in the end even Vic got under her spell and turned out not to be so gentlemanly he'd appeared to be. He did not abuse her or anything, but he became just like those hordes of guys all over the station who were drunk with her pheromones. I thought he was better than that.
Well, that's certainly not how I intended it. To me, he was holding off because, even though he was interested, he was afraid she was only hitting on him because she thought it was expected of her, as a kind of payment for letting her stay over. Once he had confirmation that she really was as interested in him as he was in her, why wouldn't he go for it? Whatever else may be true, she's still a beautiful woman. And the fact that he thought so without any influence by "OMG alien sex hormones!!!1!!eleven" made it all the more real.

The point was supposed to be that he's specifically not like all the other guys drunk on her pheromones, and that's why she goes for him. They're both the fantasy figures of other people, and that's part of why they fall for each other.

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I've never really understood the point of writing stript-based fanfiction such as this. It seems to me that a script is simply a means to an end, an intermediate step that allows a story to be transferred to the screen.

Writing scripts that will obviously never be used as such (actors reading the lines in front of an audience or cameras) seems a bit pointless.

I can understand that it is far simpler to write a story in script form rather than writing an actual piece of prose, but somehow writing scripts that will never be filmed has an air of futility about it.
The reason I started on scripts is that it began as adapting the DS9-R books. To learn the form, and entertain myself, and imagine that they were indeed new episodes. This is just a continuation of that, now that the DS9-R seems to have fizzled out.

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