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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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...I can't actually remember *which* previous version of the interactions between Clark and the Legion are current. Maybe that's the simplest answer, nobody knows or particularly cares.
Pretty much, I'd think.

Isn't that one of the lamest origins anyway? "We all have super-powers, so we decided to form a club based on the fact that this super-powered guy a thousand years ago was a teenager at one time."
Yes. At least limited to the statement. I sort of like them going back in time to hang out with a really cool guy before everyone else knew he was cool. That seems like a good use of a time machine, if you're a callow idiot, which describes any teenager anywhere pretty well. (Which is part of why I like my Legion to actually be like 40 but still pretending they're kids. I identify better. I mean, I'm not 40, chronologically, but inside, I'm old.) Also, Clark hanging around the future gives an excuse for them to explain shit to the reader without seeming like morons who need basic facts of their lives explained to them constantly.

Hound of Ulster wrote:
They and the DC One Million stuff are Superman's future legacy..
I'm actually sorta surprised the LSH is gonna be in a Morrison work. I always got the impression he disliked them, or at least wanted to replace them with the Superman lineage he invented himself.

Admiral Young wrote:
The recent Geoff Johns/Paul Levitz team and their interactions are intact...good point about Superboy. It will be interesting to see how they appear and what he does with them. In other news the New York post has spoiled Wonder Woman at your own desire:
Oops, I didn't see ya there.

Yes, it may work, because Azz is smart, but it's a bad idea generally.

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