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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Rooney finds out on thursday what will be the punishment of his stupidity. I think it will only be 1 game though if he gets the maximum of 3 games then NO WAY he can go to 2012. Fabio says Rooney will not start any games before 2012, which is a little stupid because if its only 1 game you need to experiment with him as well as without.

ENG need to bulk the midfield to have any chance of making EURO 2012 look respectable. We have no chance of winning but if were very very good and just a little lucky we could make the last 4. I would take the last 8 if we actually played well and could take something away from it like Holland in Euro 2008 who then went to the WC final 2 years later. I would like to see a proper number 9 with young Owen esq pace, so I want to see Walcott up front and behind him "Parker, Wilshere and one of Gerrard/Cleverley"
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