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nd it didn't really capture the essence of the story, which was that Victor Frankenstein created an innocent being but rejected and hated it and thereby turned it bitter and vengeful.
The only version like that I'm aware of is the 1994 film with Kenneth Branah as Victor and De Niro as the monster. Does anyone know of more Frankenstein films that are closer to the book?
I think the first couple of Karloff movies have sort of that same idea, at least vaguely. Karloff's monster has a certain innocence to him, and it's being locked away by Frankenstein and tormented by Fritz that drives him to lash out. There's a theme of the monster being misunderstood and persecuted, driven to violence in retaliation. And of course that theme has its culmination in the greatest of all Frankenstein movies, Young Frankenstein. If Shelley's novel is an allegory for the damage that an abusive or neglectful parent can inflict on a child, YF is an allegory for the healing power of a loving, forgiving parent.

Come to think of it, Cushing's Frankenstein in Curse has sort of the same mentality as Friedrich in Young Frankenstein -- he doesn't blame the creature for being hideous or violent, and wants to cure its neurological damage rather than rejecting it as a failure or a monstrosity. One wonders what Cuhsing's Victor could've achieved if he'd had someone more supportive aiding in his research rather than the violently self-righteous Paul. Then again, unlike Victor, Friedrich didn't deliberately commit murder to get the brain he wanted. While Friedrich was motivated by parental love, Victor was driven by blind obsession, seeing it only as an experiment. So I doubt he could've redeemed his creature in the same way.
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