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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x08 - "Property Values"




Right where we left it, as Treir struggles against the big Orion thugs, her head thrashing about desperately in the sack. She’s going nowhere – they’re far too strong for her. Malic watches, a little sad. He sighs dramatically.

I should have known you’d put
up a fight, Treir. I wish you
wouldn’t – I prefer my slaves
not to be covered in bruises.
But in the circumstances I’d
be willing to put up with it
this once.

He nods to the thugs, and they start to drag her away...

RO (o.s.)

Malic turns and sees that Ro has appeared at the next intersection down the corridor. She sees them, and she is pissed. She pelts towards them at full speed... Malic steps back, unconcerned.


Thug 1 takes a tighter hold on Treir, while Thug 2 lets go and advances to face Ro... As Ro reaches them, Thug 2 aims a punch. Ro swiftly ducks it before it gets anywhere near her, and aims a sharp jab right at his plexus.

He staggers back a bit, but it doesn’t put him out. He comes back with another punch. Ro’s too fast again – she dodges it. The thug ends up punching a big dent in the bulkhead. Ro moves fast – before Thug 2 can set up for another punch, she pops him straight in the nose.

Malic is starting to get a little concerned now. Treir struggles harder than ever...

(to Thug 1)
Give her to me.

He moves to take hold of Treir himself, so that Thug 1 can join the fight against Ro... but in the moment of distraction, Treir breaks free and spins on the spot. With the sack still on her head, she knees Thug 1 right in the groin, and when he bends over in pain, she elbows him in the face.

Ro launches a karate high-kick at Thug 2’s face (revealing that she’s still wearing the anti-grav anklets). He goes down to his knees, and she delivers a hard thump to the back of his neck, sending him unconscious to the deck.

Thug 1 crumples too, still conscious but groaning at his battered groin... until Ro kicks him hard in the face, and he bonks against the bulkhead, knocked unconscious.

Treir tears the sack from her head, shakes her hair loose. She and Ro turn to look at Malic, who has backed away to safety. He glares at Ro, seething.


Ro smiles back, smugly. She recognises him.


And Treir knocks him unconscious with a single punch. Ro slumps against the bulkhead, catching her breath... Treir rushes to her...

Laren! Are you okay?

I’ve been better...

Oh Goddess, Laren, thank you so
much. I’m lucky you were here...

I just followed you to try and
apologise for Quark being such
an ass. I wasn’t expecting to
have to take out three Orions.

She tests her leg and back. Her eyes flare with the pain.

Oh... wow...

Treir moves to help her...

No no, I’ll be fine. Thanks though.
You did pretty well yourself there.

You think I never had to put
a man in his place before?

Upright at last, they look down at the three Orion men unconscious on the deck...


The image on the screen shows the high angle of the security cells area. Malic sits on the cot in the middle cell, with his two thugs occupying the smaller cells to either side of him.

CENN (o.s.)
So... who is this guy again?

WIDEN to reveal...


KIRA sits at the head of the table, with VAUGHN on one side and Ro on the other. Quark and Treir are also there, and they haven’t exactly made up for the earlier fight. Also present is Major CENN, the Bajoran liaison officer.

They’re all turned to look at the screen on the Wardroom wall, showing the view of the security cells...

Malic was an Orion Merchant
Prince – a high-up figure in
the Orion Syndicate, which is
an organised crime outfit that’s
been a periodic thorn in Star-
fleet’s side since before there
was a Starfleet. They’ve run
operations with just about
every shady character from here
to Kronos. The Maquis had some
dealings with them – weapons
deals and so forth. I think
even the Dominion used their
services at one point.
(re screen)
About two years ago, Malic was
approached by some aliens called
the Petraw, who were trying to
run a scam by selling the Iconian
Gateways to the highest bidder.
Malic hired Quark to be his
negotiator... and Quark very
wisely took me along as under-
cover security.

Not under much cover.

Ro gives him a glare. He’s already in her bad books.

Anyway – after it all went
inevitably wrong, we needed
to escape. To help us do that,
I took Treir as a hostage.

So Treir was one of his crew?

She was one of his slaves. Orions
as a culture are even more sexist
than Ferengi...
(bitter glance
at Quark)
...their women are little more
than property of the men. Used
as sexual playthings and then
stored until they’re needed again.

Cenn listens to this, disquieted. Treir has kept her head down and her eyes averted – she doesn’t particularly enjoy having her past rehashed in front of all these people. But now she raises her head and looks them all in the eye. She’s not ashamed or cowed – she’s going to own it.

I was the best at what I did.
I worked my way up the ranks...

I’m sure the ranks were very grateful.

(glower at Quark)
...and I lived in luxury. I
had everything I could want.
The best food, the best furs,
the best jewels...

Just not your freedom. But
you’re right – you were one of
Malic’s prized possessions.

And now he’s decided he wants
her back. What took him so long?

He only just got out of jail.
With all the dirt I got on him
during the Petraw scam, Starfleet
should have been able to lock
him up for a good long time.

Then why is he out now?

I don’t know. But I can guess.
He’ll have pulled in favours
from across the quadrant. Made
deals and greased wheels every
chance he got. If there’s any
body who can figure out how to
gild his own cage, it’s Malic.
And he didn’t escape – he was
officially released.

So what do we do with him now
that he’s here?

There’s not much we can do.
Malic has managed to find and
exploit a unique and very
inconvenient legal loophole.
Because the fact is, Treir has
no legal status on this station.

How can that be? She’s been
living here for two years.

I’d really appreciate it if
you all stopped talking about
me like I wasn’t here.

I’m sorry, Treir – you’re right.
But the thing is, when I took
you hostage from Malic’s ship
and brought you here, I did so
against Orion law, obviously.
Even after you started working
for Quark, you never officially
applied for citizenship. With
all the upheaval of Bajor
joining the Federation, and
setting up the bar as the
Ferengi embassy, you just kind
of slipped through the cracks.

So she’s what they used to
call an undocumented worker.

I’m afraid so. And none of us
ever thought to question it.
Which unfortunately leads us to
Malic. What he’s done – coming
after a runaway slave – is
completely legal, even expected
by Orion law. And since Treir
has no legal status with us,
the Federation has no legal
grounds to interfere. It’s an
internal Orion matter. The
Prime Directive applies.

So we just have to let him
take her?

That’s the letter of the law,
yes. But I’ll be damned if I’m
going to let the letter of the
law defeat the spirit of it.
(turns to Treir)
Orion law may not give you the
right to decide what happens
in your own life, Treir, but
we do. We’ll help, I promise.

Assuming that’s what you want.

You’re damn right I want. What
are my options?

They all sit back to ponder for a moment.

You could apply for asylum in
the Federation.

That’ll take forever to process.

And what’s to stop Malic from
just kidnapping me again in
the meantime? He’s not going
to care if it’s legal or not.

She’s right. And it’s not going
to be practical to have security
tailing her twenty-six-seven.

Then what?

I can only think of one thing.

Vaughn turns and looks meaningfully at Quark. Getting the message, the rest of the room also turns to look at Quark.


Treir can apply for asylum with
the Ferengi Alliance. You are
the Ferengi ambassador to Bajor,
are you not, Quark? You could
ensure Treir’s legal status
in a matter of minutes.

Hold on a minute – you want me
to become a Ferengi? They’re
as bad as the Orions, you just
said so yourself.

You might not have a choice.

And who said I wanted her?
She’s been nothing but trouble
since the day I hired her.

(to Treir;
ignoring Quark)
Malic may be allowed to move
around freely on the station
because it’s Federation space,
but the bar is sovereign
Ferengi territory. As long as
you stay inside the walls of
the embassy, he can’t get you.

So I have to live in the bar?

Just until your legal status
is settled. We can’t protect
you otherwise.

Hey – I said no.

(still ignoring Quark)
The bar is a finite space, it’ll
be easy to post security at the
entrances so Malic doesn’t get in.

(resigned sigh)
Alright – I guess you’re right,
I don’t have a choice.

Is no-one listening to me? I do
not agree to this.

Quark, if you don’t, you’re
sending Treir back to a life
of slavery.

Quark pulls a face like “I don’t care.”

RO (cont)
But if you insist on pretending
to be a heartless son of a slorg,
then think of this in terms of
business. If you lose Treir, you
lose the best dabo girl you’ve
ever had. Your customers might
just decide not to bother coming
to the bar anymore. Is that
what you want?

Quark grits his teeth, annoyed.



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