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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

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They're not, and there's nothing horrible about trying something different. Part of the problem with a gun-toting Alfred is that it's not different. It's just another example of taking a perfectly valid character and turning him into a hard-ass, kick-ass, "edgy" caricature.
But we don't know that yet. The only information we actually have is a single sentence and a single concept image. Everything else you're saying is your own assumption, your own guesswork based on virtually no hard data. We have no idea how the character will actually be written or portrayed. There are many characters in fiction who could be described as "gun-toting" -- it literally just means "carrying a firearm" -- but there's a vast range of different personalities that they encompass, from hardcore violent types to cool professionals to soulful sorts who use their weapons only reluctantly.
That's because the image that we have is of Alfred in the street beside Batman with a gun in each hand, firing away. That's what we've been told, so that's what we're basing the discussion on.
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