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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Our first 52 Verse glimpse of Stephanie Brown! Leviathan Strikes can't get here soon enough...
Curious if there will be a massive, minor or just return of the old Spoiler costume.
Strictly speaking, she should still be Batgirl in this story; it's the continuation of Batgirl #22, where Batman sends Batgirl to London on a mission for Batman, Inc. However, DC has said elsewhere that she's Spoiler in this story, so it's not the continuation of Batgirl #22 anymore.

If you're going to redesign Steph's Spoiler costume, I like Dean Trippe's remake from Project: Rooftop a few years ago, which is a little bit Robin, a little bit Spoiler. Mike Maihack's Steph-Robin costume (same link) is nice, too; I'd just color it purple/black to make it a Spoiler costume.
I'm guess the spoiler costume will be whatever it's easiest to re-colour in the old Bat-girl costume and cut off the ears?
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