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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Not a bad combo redesign. If they went something that route I could see it working.

Last night I read my last few DC books for the week.

Swamp Thing #2 - Ok, so let me get this straight and see if I understood what I just read, Swamp Thing is now a mantle? A host to become Swamp Thing not too unlike passing down a GL ring? The Swamp Thing identified himself as a guy named Rodgers who was pilot in WWII and is trying to convince Holland to become A Swamp Thing? I didn't get the feeling based on what I read that he was going to go away if Holland became a Swamp Thing 'for real'. Also, am I to assume then that Holland has now NEVER been Swamp Thing? It was all some trippy mind job by the Parliament of Trees. In addition it does seem that with mentions of The Red a few times in the issue we are headed for an Animal Man crossover at some point should both titles continue for some time.

Huntress #1 - Nothing in the story to jump out as ground breaking. It was efficient and well paced. The art was really good. I may just wait for the TPB though. Got issue 1 to sample it. I don't think this story just screams, "So crucial and relevant to so much else you must follow monthly."
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