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Re: SONS OF ANARCHY tv series disscussions and comments

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the son's don't seem racist to me so I don't see the propblem.
Think back to Piney's attitude towards the Niner's when Jax was thinking that it might have been them who had killed Donna. Juice may not have any real problem from having a black father, but he may have picked up enough crap in life growing up and even attitudes in the club that dispose him to not trusting the MC in the matter of his background. The business with the missing coke may render all this moot very quickly, though.
I've been questioning Juice's fears as a motivation for his actions, too. If SoA is racist, or if Juice is mistakenly worried about that, the show should have made the point more clearly so that Juice wouldn't come off looking like a panicky ditz.

What he's doing is incredibly dangerous, and although he's never been portrayed at the sharpest tool in the shed, there should have been one incident that causes him to think that the Sons would give a shit if they found out his father was black. This should have been some kind of mistake on his part - for SoA to be portrayed as truly racist would be a bad idea, because they would lose audience sympathy - but as long as the writers got the point across that Juice would believe they are racist without needing to be doltish, then that's all the setup they needed.

But I can't remember any scene setting things up. Then again, I can't remember how Lorraine was killed (was Tom Arnold really the killer?)

As for the lack of black Sons, Charming just seems to be a white sort of town, and there are other motorcycle clubs for people to join that are based on race. But I don't get the feeling that there's any serious discrimination involved, just people sorting themselves as they feel comfortable. Once someone is accepted, like Juice, that would override all other concerns. This plotline is making Juice look stupid or the Sons look petty.

Was it me or was David Hasselhoff actually kind-of good in that ep?
He delivered that line about not being just a giant penis without breaking into laughter, so good for him. (Tig's reaction was hilarious.)
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