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Re: DS9: A continuation

Chapter 5

Day 4, 0900 hours

One of Kira’s responsibilities as second in command of DS9 was dealing with personnel problems, usually there were few issues amongst the crew. However, over the last two weeks, she had received a steady stream of complaints concerning lieutenant commander Holo.

Kira had only noticed Holo a couple of times; she didn’t really care if he was a hologram or not. Her main concern were the numerous complaints against Holo, at first she chose to ignore the complaints. She figured that since Holo was a hologram some crew members would have difficulty working with him.

Yesterday however she had received a more serious complaint from two Bajoran crewmen. They claimed Holo had been verbally ‘abusive’ towards them. This was a serious allegation, so she decided to have a small talk with Holo. She had tracked Holo down to the Promenade, and on the top level of the Promenade, she spotted Holo from behind. Holo’s smooth black hair and his perfectly symmetrical hair style was very distinctive. Indeed no one had such perfect hair, except for Odo.

Kira walked up towards Holo and he seemed to sense he was being followed because he turned around to face Kira. “What is it colonel?”

Kira was somewhat surprised by his direct manner. “I've received complaints from various members of the crew about your supposed rude behaviour towards them. I just want to get to the bottom of this matter.”

“They are the ones being rude to me,” replied Holo, he seemed to be trying to annoy Kira.

“What's going on here?” inquired Kira. “I hear from Nog and Max that you are an exemplary officer, and then I hear contrasting reports from the general crew.”

“You want to know the truth?” said Holo angrily. “It's because I'm a hologram, and people think that because I'm a hologram I'm not sentient. Which gives them the excuse to treat me like some malfunctioning machine. The only people who are polite to me are Nog, Max and Megan.”

Holo’s explanation cut no muster with Kira and she was starting to get annoyed at Holo’s attitude.

“I don't care if you are sentient or not. However, it doesn't look to good when crew members file complaints against their commanding officer repeatedly.”

“And you believe the things they say against me?” asked Holo angrily. “You are just like them: blind, arrogant and discourteous.”

Despite Holo’s provocation, Kira remained calm. “With an attitude like that it's no surprise crew members are complaining about you.”

Kira's remark seemed to further aggrieve Holo. “Colonel, if you had properly analyzed these 'complaints', you would find that they are nothing more than lies and fabrications. Listen if you want me off the station just say so, and stop pretending that you don't. ”

Holo walked away from Kira and she could have called Holo to order, but she didn't. She could not believe how contemptuous Holo had been towards her. It was as if Holo expected people to defer to him. Anger surged through Kira, Holo's behaviour towards her was completely unacceptable. She seriously considered relieving Holo immediately of his duties. Unfortunately only the commanding officer of DS9 had the power to impose more serious punishments upon crew members.


Day 4, 0930 hours

Inside the commander's office Ezri was busy working; half of her time was spent completing reports and sorting out various bureaucratic niceties. Ezri considered this work somewhat boring; but work was work and she could not complete a task half-assed. In the afternoons, Ezri was at her most busy sifting through paper work. Though sometimes an emergency or a meeting, provided Ezri with a brief distraction from report writing.

The door to the office chimed and Ezri looked up, while still holding a wide padd. Behind the doors was Kira and for some reason she looked very angry.

“Come in,” said Ezri.

Kira stormed into the room and the anger was flaring in her eyes.

“Is something bothering you colonel?” inquired Ezri politely.

Kira raised herself to full height, and Ezri braced herself for the incoming explosion. “It's Holo,” said Kira heatedly. “I want him relieved of duty, for impolite and indecent behaviour towards the crew.”

“And towards you?” asked Ezri slyly, while she disregarded the padd.

Now Kira was starting to calm down. “I had a conversation with Holo half an hour ago and I was trying to find out what was bothering him. Holo believes that the crew are being impolite towards him though personally I think the opposite is true.”

Ezri was nonplussed about the matter, she knew it was only a matter of time before someone complained about Holo. “I was expecting something like this to occur. I checked the report from Holo's former commanding officer. He was deeply impressed with Holo, citing his good nature, talent, command skill and bravery in the line of action. But he also indicated that Holo's first three months aboard the Dakota were difficult, simply because other crew members had a hard time working with a hologram. It seems to me that we have the same problem.”

Ezri’s explanation did not appear to satisfy Kira, she still looked as if Holo had greatly offended her. “Perhaps,” replied Kira in a dismissive tone. “But there have been no less than fifty separate complaints concerning Holo and that is a problem.”

Now Ezri realised her assumptions about Holo were wrong, it was clear that Holo was not fitting in and Ezri had to do something to remedy the situation. “Giving the number of complaints it would be wise to temporarily relieve Holo of duty. That would let matters between him and the crew simmer down, I will relieve him of duty immediately.”

“Thank you,” said Kira, who bowed her head slightly before leaving the office.

When Kira had left, Ezri tapped her comm badge. “This is captain Dax to Holo, I want you to report to my office immediately.

“I’m on my way captain.”

While Ezri waited for Holo to arrive, she left her desk and walked over to the replicator. “Water five degrees temperature,” she ordered.

A glass of water materialised, Ezri took the glass from the replicator, and sat down on a sofa which was adjacent to the replicator. Ezri wasn’t picky over beverages, after eight lifetimes, and some bad experiences in her own life, such things became rather trivial. She preferred to focus on higher things; like managing the station, or what she was going to say to Holo.

Three minutes later and Holo arrived, he looked expectantly at Ezri who was now standing behind her desk. Ezri decided to inform Holo of her decision as diplomatically as possible. “A few minutes ago colonel Kira told me about various incidents that had happened between you and the crew-”

“You’re here to relieve me... aren’t you?” Suddenly Holo looked very angry and he was glaring at Ezri.

“It is only a temporary measure, there have been fifty complaints from various crew members. I think if you were relieved of duty, it would diffuse some of the tensions between you and particular crew members.”

Ezri tried to sound reassuring, but her words had cut no muster with Holo. His anger was receding and it was being replaced with a rather hurt look. “You’re relieving me of duty because I’m a hologram!”

“Your being a hologram had nothing to do with my decision!” said Ezri vehemently.

Holo laughed briefly, in a contemptuous manner. “Do not lie to me captain, once I’m relieved of duty I will be reassigned somewhere else. It is your way of removing me from this station!”

Before Ezri could reply, Holo stormed out of her office. For some reason Ezri did not feel embarrassed by what had happened, all she had done was to talk to a hologram. So really it did not matter what she said to Holo. Still Ezri wondered why she felt slightly guilty about relieving Holo of duty.
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