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Re: American Horror Story (FX) 1x01 Pilot (Grading/Discussion)

What an utterly ridiculous show. Sort of amusing how they took a lot of bad editing aspects of modern horror and turned the dial to 11. Want to see what's happening with the daughter at school? Okay, here's her story in a few 15 second scenes. And don't worry, if you aren't interested with what's going on right this second, wait until the next second where there's a good chance it will be totally different.

I'm not saying I disliked it. In fact I won't even rate it yet because I just don't know. It was absurd. There's no way for me to take any of it even the littlest bit seriously. There is a chance I will end up enjoying it as a comedy, because that's what it felt like most to me - take horror films from the last decade, amp it up and when you think you are done amping it up then amp it up more. That scene with the burned man chasing Dylan first in his car then on foot then Dylan grabbing him - the way that was edited was just, I don't know, are they trying to make me feel like I'm on a crazy new drug? It was funny. It was silly. It was creative. Not really sure if it's good but that almost doesn't matter.

I haven't read anything about the show (hadn't seen any previews before watching either) but I am now curious about the creator's intent. There is a definite echo of Nip/Tuck in that both shows often made me laugh at things that I could never entirely be sure were supposed to be funny.
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