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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

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^Why is it so horrible to try something different? If every Batman show were exactly the same, what would be the point? And why are Internet fans so determined to hate every new thing they hear a tiny bit about rather than being willing to give it a fair chance?
They're not, and there's nothing horrible about trying something different. Part of the problem with a gun-toting Alfred is that it's not different. It's just another example of taking a perfectly valid character and turning him into a hard-ass, kick-ass, "edgy" caricature. Alfred, Ma and Pa Kent, Aunt May and Willie Lumpkin don't really need to be Charles Bronson. It's nice when they get their moment in the sun-- like Alfred defeating the Joker on TV-- but that only works because it's anomalous, because it's a novelty.

A good story (or series premise) should have a variety of characters and those characters should be true to themselves. A gun-toting Alfred is just lazy thinking. If he's going to be involved in the cases, the previously mentioned Holmesian approach would be more true to the character.
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