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Re: The ultimate episode ranking thread

We’ve rated episodes with threads like Hurt/Heal and top episode lists.

This is intended to be the ultimate TOS episode ratings thread. You rate all the episodes (or all the episodes you want to) and post your ratings in this thread. When we have enough participants, they’ll be analyzed with the Shulze method to produce a communal ranking.


Post your ballot in this thread. Each line of your ballot consists of a score followed by an episode title. Scores range from a low of 1 (the worst episodes) to whatever top score you choose. The only information taken from your ballot is relative preferences, so use whatever scale is most comfortable for you.

If there is an episode that you have not seen or on which you do not have an opinion, you may either leave it out of your ballot or use a dash (-) for the score.

Example #1:
Alice has seen ten episodes of TOS. She chooses a 3-point scale where 3 is good, 2 is average, and 1 is poor. Her ballot looks like this:

3  Where No Man Has Gone Before
2  The Corbomite Manuever
1  Mudd’s Women
2  The Enemy Within
2  The Man Trap
3  The Naked Time
1  Charlie X
3  Balance of Terror
2  What Are Little Girls Made Of?
2  Dagger of the Mind
-  Miri
-  The Conscience of the King
Example #2:
Bob has seen ten episodes. He chooses a top score of 100 and gives a complete ranking with this ballot:

100  Balance of Terror
 90  The Naked Time
 80  Where No Man Has Gone Before
 70  The Corbomite Manuever
 60  The Enemy Within
 50  What are Little Girls Made Of?
 40  The Man Trap
 30  Miri
 20  Charlie X
 10  Mudd’s Women
Example #3:
Charlie grades episodes:

78  The Naked Time
81  Arena
86  Journey to Babel
52  And the Children Shall Lead
82  The Tholian Web
90  The Trouble With Tribbles
74  I, Mudd
Include the line “truncate” for a truncated ballot. Episodes not on the ballot are scored below episodes on the ballot.

Example #4:
David has seen the whole series but just knows his favorites:

50  The City on the Edge of Forever
40  Mirror, Mirror
30  The Trouble With Tribbles
20  Amok Time
10  Balance of Terror
Simple as that!

You may replace your ballot at any time if you change your mind, want to rate episodes that you had not previously rated, or want to change your ballot for any reason. To do so, simply post a new ballot. Please don’t go back and edit old ballots, because the edits may go unnoticed and the changes uncounted.
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