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Re: Supernatural7x3 "The Girl Next Door" Jewel Staite guest stars

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A good episode, not great mind you, and just a little above average for me. I almost didn't recognize Colin Ford(?) as Young Sam at first.
And yes it was very "Dean-ish" for him to "gank" Amy. She killed for her kid, but she still she killed people. I especially loved the interaction between Dean and the kid.....Sounds like a story down the road!!

And PLEASE tell me that I wasn't the only one to scream when:

I know a spoiler tag probably wasn't necessary but just in case.

Given what Dean knows, (heaven exists and it's a pretty nice place to live if you aren't being railroaded by the celestial bureaucracy) merely murdering a bunch of people shouldn't be that big a deal to him anymore.

Amy, on the other hand, is going to a place that's hell-lite at the very best (and given the number of angry monsters it contains, probably much worse). From a purely utilitarian perspective, what he did was much worse than what she did, by a very long way.

About Bobby, I do find it interesting that we didn't see him bleed in this episode.

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