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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Except Gruffudd wasn't obviously Welsh. He did a reasonable American accent. This actress was obviously Hispanic. I didn't even know who she was before seeing the movie, and my first reaction to her upon seeing the film is "why is Sue Hispanic... and her brother not?"
Other reactions included "why is Sue a sexpot?" and "Wow, she's a bad actress," which I suppose answers the sexpot question.
Since she doesn't speak with an Spanish accent how can she be "obviously Hispanic"? Alba is no more or less Hispanic than Cameron Diaz. Both have fathers who are Hispanic and mothers who are not. If Diaz had been cast would you make the same claim? Or does Diaz not fit your idea of Hispanic because she's a blonde? What if they cast Phoebe Cates or Catherine Zeta -Jones? Both are dark haired and dark eyed, but non-hispanic. Hispanic is not about hair or skin pigmentation.
oh give me a break with the knee-jerk political correctness. Sue Storm is a wasp. This actress was very obviously Hispanic. You don't have to grow up in a Spanish neighborhood (as I did) to be distrscted it. Of course, by your theory, it was just a lucky guess on my part, since you argue that no one "looks" hispanic.
Sorry, that's bull. Some people look Mexican. Some people look like Carribean Hispanics. Some people look like South American Hispanics. Lots of Hispanics look totally Anglo. Lots look totally Negro. But to say that no one looks "Hispanic" is simply disingenuous.

I have no idea what these other people you mention look like. If they have dark hair, there's a good chance they wouldn't have looked natural as a blonde either. Sue Storm is a relatively shy blonde WASP. That's the physical and emotional description of the character. She's not a bottle-blonde who points her tits at anything that moves.
Which of her features are Hispanic? If some look totally Anglo and some totally Negro whats the common physical feature that all Hispanics share that tells you they are Hispanic?

Have you been in solitary confinement or stranded on a island for the last 30 odd years? While Cates' star may have dimmed over the decades, Zeta-Jones' hasn't. She's won an Oscar and Tony within the last decade, You might recall her husband, actor Michael Douglas. Yes both have dark hair and dark eyes and that might be grounds for them being miscast as Sue Storm. Not because their ethnic origins didn't match. (Not that we know for sure Sue is actually Anglo Saxon or Protestant) No Sue is not shy. She was simply sterotypically written as "female" for several decades. (She was prone to capture and fatigue) Jean Grey often suffered from the same malady.
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