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Re: TNG possible remaster [technical]

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I'd rather they built a new one from scratch, based exactly on the six footer.
Correct me if I'm wrong but hasn't all of the visual ship shots since ST: TNG (Voyager, DS9, and feature films since 1995) been done as CGI-only?

I have not yet seen the 'Red Alert: Visual Effects' (for the pilot) hosted by Visual Effects Supervisor Dan Curry' special feature on ST:VOY season 1 DVD.

There may have been a models built for the TNG feature films but sticking to this thread if they remaster ST:TNG and recreate all of the ship shots and visual effects I can assure you it is easier for them to do ALL of them in CGI for consistency. The animators could just refer to the original show for camera angle and ship movement.
Even if they could locate the original camera negative of the 6ft. ship model for each shot and telecine to HD and then adding the CGI stars and phasers anyway would negate using the film source to do it in a timely manner.
If at all possible, going full CG with the Enterprise D would be great. They can give many more shots of the ship for variety, at warp, going into orbit, in battle...
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