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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

I'm not crazy about the "gun-toting" part, but I have no problem with an alternate take on Alfred Pennyworth that makes him a more active crimefighter. I've always liked the "Badass Normal" supporting characters like Alfred and Commissioner Gordon, and I like the idea of bringing them more into the spotlight. Heck, some of Alfred's finest moments in various media have involved demonstrating his fighting prowess. For instance, the episode of the '66 Batman that climaxed with Alfred single-handedly defeating the Joker with no help from Batman and Robin, first out-fencing the Joker when he tried to rob Wayne Manor, then trapping him on the Batpoles (which he'd conveniently been cleaning so the identifying signs were gone) and using the compressed-air lift to send him repeatedly up and down until he begged for mercy. That was completely awesome.

And after all, it is an alternate take. It's not like it erases or replaces the more conventional interpretations of the character. It doesn't take anything away, it adds something new.
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