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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

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Simply because gun-blazin' Alfred is all shades of stupid.
Pretty much. New isn't always improved. If they wanted something different, why not a "Batman and the Outsiders" series with Metamorpho, Katanna, Black Lightning, Halo, etc.? Or a "Batman and Robin" series with Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson (as opposed to "Batman" shows with occasional Robin appearances)? Or even a "Dark Knight" style show with an older Bruce, nearing retirement and a Carrie Kelly Robin?

How about a "Batman and the Birds of Prey" show? Team up Bruce with and Batgirl and Black Canary.
Well said.
I think some people can be as reactionary to the those of us just calling out the change. I've stated it's not going to stop me from watching the show, it's just vastly unusual. That we seem to agree on as a group.

Yes, Alfred has not JUST been a butler. His role is that of seamstress, red herring for Bruce's whereabouts, medic, interceptor(using his voice mimic technique) and property defender using yes a shotgun.

It is unusual for Alfred to be seen in the promos as obviously being a more DOMINANT ACTION character. With so many characters who are ACTION oriented why make Alfred a gun slinger. His niche functions well in the half-dozen or so roles he already occupies. As G-Man pointed out why not utilize and showcase other lesser knowns in the Bat circle. Katana touches on that, keeping with showcasing lesser known villains, but give us an Outsiders toon.

Why must Rick Jones get superpowers now? Why must Jimmy Olsen end up on JLA missions and/or getting brief powers. It's the sad syndrome of dragging every side character into the main action when their purpose is for something else. I'd argue the 'something else' is an anchor to the normal so they can voice matters of outlandish and wonder. That character is the stand-in for the viewer/reader.

By making Alfred, Rick, Jimmy players in the action it loses something of the narrative. IMO.
except that Rick Jones has always been a player in 'the action'. he's responsible for the Hulk being born and has been his sidekick off and on ever since. he was Bucky for a short, very short, time. he brought the Avengers together (with the Teen Brigade). he was bound to Captain Marvel and later his son. was involved in the Destiny War. heck, he even had a music career for a short time.
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