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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Because the counterexample looks retarded?
Well there's a strong argument.
Thing is, I don't just mean the length of her hair, I mean that entire get-up; and I don't mean just from an aesthetic point of view.

What I mean is, it's entirely thoughtless about what the character would need to wear to be effective and what her activities might entail. Batman doesn't wear a floor-length robes.

The hair's actually not even in the top five things of what's wrong with it. Those spots go to: 1)poor balance; 2)lack of protection for rolling falls; 3)aerodynamic braking and trip hazard of the dress; 4)aerodynamic braking and trip hazard of the cape; 5)only medium environmental concealment; 6)very poor identity concealment. So the obstruction of vision, aerodynamic braking, and combat weakness of the hair is actually like number 7. And that's before I get into any aesthetic criticisms.

Oh and number 8 is no one wants to shave their legs every time they have to go to work, but this may not apply since comic book women only have terminal hair on their heads. Thanks Harper's Bazaar!

Now I'm overthinking this a bit, but I wouldn't have to, because someone else named Darwyn Cooke already did that for me and designed an excellent practical costume... that everyone since has been doing their damnedest to turn into fetish wear or not to draw entirely or both.

P.S. Sue Storm's got superpowers. She's like the most powerful combatant on Earth, that isn't Professor X or Jean Grey. And she can turn invisible. So she can wear her hair any way she wants; but even she doesn't wear fall-down-and-lose-a-square-foot-of-skin costume. Well, not anymore. Oh, man, that was an unpleasant time. We can laugh now.

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