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Re: Supernatural7x3 "The Girl Next Door" Jewel Staite guest stars

It does have a Who like title.

Giving this one a B-. Would have been a B or perhaps B+ with a tighter flashback.

As for Dean killing the kid, clearly he would have if the kid said yes. But to show a bigger change in Dean (how his life has changed him) I think it would have been interesting for them to have Dean gut the kid. Could you just imagine TWOP if they did?

Also some very nice subtile changes for Sam. We see him becoming back from hell and his demon blood fueled all out hunting days, to who he started out as.

Not driven to avenge Dean's death or Jessica, not driven by trying to save himself from what be fear's he might be, not driven by trying to control his malefic destiny.

Just calm and accepting that yes he is a freak. That Dean can say it because it is true. But that fact doesn't mean he can't be himself. He can show compassion, he can kill if he needs to, it doesn't make him evil.

I love that the producers can cheat and have Sam hearing previously recording words of Lucifer. Great way to save money, but to also show how he is still impacted. It doesn't cheat the audience.

I do wish we could have gotten Jeffrey Dean Morgan to do some ADR fir the phone calls though. Little touches like that really help sell flashbacks. It certainly helped third seasons long distance caller.

As for Dean's actions I wonder if one we hear about it next week/ and or we find out Sam's reaction. He knows Dean doesn't trust his judgement (and we know Dean has good reasons) but I also think it will piss Sam off. Always good to see.

Yes part of the show's history is Dean wondering what's wrong with Sam. This has been a part of season one (my brothers a freak psychic), two (my brother is going evil), three (how far will Sam go to try and save me from Hell), four (my brothers is a demonic blood infused freak), five (my brother is addicted to demon blood, oh and is Satans meat suit), six (my brother is a cold blooded monster to my brother is literally going to go nuts).

Yes it's been done, and done. But it's also a huge part ofDean's character being Sam's protector. I think he might be 90 and still be worried about how Sam deals with old age.

But it is also true that they have Sam deal With worrying about Dean. Though Sam's are much more about Dean trying to live his own life and finding happiness.
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