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Re: DS9: A continuation

Chapter 4

Day 3, 0800 hours

Bashir was alone inside the turbolift and he was doing his best not to think about Ezri. Whenever he wasn’t working or if he was alone, his mind always strayed to Ezri. Bashir thought about what she looked like, her voice... The way she broke his heart seventeen years ago.

The turbolift doors opened interrupting Bashir’s reverie, Ezri walked inside, and he suddenly stood rigidly.

Ezri though seemed thoughtful and only when the turbolift doors had closed, did she seem to realize that she was standing right next to Bashir. She looked briefly at Bashir, then looked away; she seemed almost embarrassed. “Promenade,” she said.

Bashir looked stony-faced and remained very still, the tension in the room was almost palpable.

It was Ezri who broke the silence, and she sighed. “This is ridiculous Julian! We can't keep avoiding each other!”

“I don't want to talk you, and I especially don't want to know you.” Bashir was not looking at Ezri as he spoke,

Ezri though looked taken back by Bashir’s harsh words.

“Fine!” she said angrily. “Play your stupid little game of ignoring me!

“You ignored me for seventeen years; so don't lecture me about avoiding each other,” replied Bashir harshly.

The turbolift came to a halt, and Ezri walked out of the turbolift.

Out of sheer curiosity, Bashir looked at Ezri and caught a brief glimpse of her face. Ezri looked as if she was about to cry, and her face was very rigid and tense. After Ezri had left the turbolift, Bashir breathed out deeply and he felt the slight pangs of guilt creeping up upon him.

What he had just said to Ezri was not only very nasty but deeply hurtful. However his vindictive side was hoping that Ezri would feel great pain because of his words. Perhaps she would be so upset that she might cry herself to sleep tonight...


Day 3, 1000 hours

Holo and six Bajoran technicians were repairing DS9’s industrial replicator, which was located next to the fusion generators. The industrial replicator was a vital piece of equipment on board the station. For it could replicate any known Federation substance, component or part, needed for repairs or construction.

A replicator of that size was a very bulky device, because of this the room housing it was considerably large. At the very centre of the room there was the industrial replicator. It was as high as three decks, rectangular, and seemed to fill the entire room. Most of the size was due to the storage compartment inside the replicator; this was for containing a finished component.

There were duranium platforms and ladders, which allowed access for the technicians to maintain the replicator. Thin strips of blue lighting were adjacent to the platforms, giving amble lighting to Holo and his team. At the bottom level, there were many consoles close to the replicator, and numerous pipes that ran into the replicator.

Most of these pipes started from the ceiling, while the ceiling was enveloped in darkness. The pipes carried cooling equipment and highly conductive plasma relays which ran power into the industrial replicator.

The six Bajorans and Holo were working on the lower level, close to the only entrance into the room. Numerous security mechanisms were built into the door, this made sure only authorized personnel entered the room. So far the repairs were going forward without incident, and Holo hoped things would stay that way.

Holo was blessed with superb sensory abilities, as such he could see a small microchip, which was less than a centimetre wide, up to a kilometer away. His hearing was incredibly sharp, and what he heard from a whispered conversation between two of the Bajoran technicians was not to his liking.

“Let's bypass the optronic relays and-”

Holo interrupted the Bajoran technician. “No! I told you not to bypass the optronic relays.”

The Bajoran completely ignored Holo and continued to talk to his colleague. “And deactivate the EPS manifold.”

Holo walked over to the Bajoran technician. “Give that here!” said Holo angrily while forcibly removing the repair tool from the Bajoran's hand.

“What are you doing?” asked the Bajoran angrily.

“He must be malfunctioning,” said his Bajoran colleague.

All of Holo's pent up anger finally discharged, that was one insult to far. “I've just about had enough of this, you Daka are absolutely incompetent and contemptuous.”

Daka looked at Holo in an infuriated manner. “And you are just a hologram who interferes constantly with my job!”

“I'm your commanding officer,” shouted Holo. “You obey my orders, and don't think you know better! Because you don't.”

The other four Bajorans were staring at Holo. There was an embarrassed silence amongst them, and it was clear that they wanted no part in this dispute.

“Did you hear that Taron?” said Daka looking at his colleague. “This hologram thinks he's superior to us.”

Daka turned to look at Holo, giving Holo an almighty glare. “Well your not, you're just made of photons and programming.”

Holo lowered his voice and decided to really infuriate Daka. “You know of all the organics I've met, you Daka and Taron are the most arrogant and insensitive Bajorans that I have ever met. I've seen nicer Cardassians than you two.”

The mood in the room seemed to lower. While the four other Bajorans merely glanced at each other in surprise, Taron and Daka looked beside themselves with rage.

“You'll pay for that remark hologram!” said Taron angrily.

“Come on Taron, we're not standing for this, we'll file a complaint to the colonel.”

“Good idea,” added Taron.

Daka and Taron left the room in a huff but Holo watched them go with a vindictive satisfaction. The remaining Bajorans continued to stare at Holo. “Aren’t you supposed to be working?” asked Holo angrily.

At once the Bajorans commenced the repair work, while Holo stood rooted to the spot. He was too angry to focus upon his job, if he had upset two Bajorans then so be it. He was not going to tolerate that kind of indecent behaviour from anybody...
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