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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

I admit I would've been more interested in the James Tucker Batman: No Man's Land proposal that was rejected in favor of Beware the Batman. And yeah, BtB sounds rather strange at first glance, and I'm not crazy about the character designs or the CGI approach. But Glen Murakami has managed to make offbeat, controversially revisionist concepts work well before. His take on Teen Titans was offputting at first, but I came to discover that it had a lot worth enjoying. And I've enjoyed the Murakami/McDuffie Ben 10 series as well; the stories in the past few seasons haven't been on the level of the first two Alien Force seasons, but the show's remained visually striking.

Anyway, I think if they're going to keep making one Batman show after another, it makes sense to get revisionist. Part of the reason The Batman wasn't wildly popular is perhaps that it wasn't revisionist enough to justify its existence. The Brave and the Bold has succeeded by taking a radically different approach to Batman and the DC Universe than its predecessors did (although one that's not so much revisionist as hyper-retro, but still a very distinctive approach to Batman on television). We've already had multiple incarnations of the formula of Batman teamed with Robin or Batgirl and Alfred being the loyal butler back home. At this point, a new show should attempt a new variation on the theme. And a Batman/Alfred/Katana team is certainly a fresh idea. And since we only have one sentence and one image to base our responses on, it's premature to assume anything about how Alfred's participation will actually play out.
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