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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

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But he has been the guy who stayed home for a long time, not one who went out on adventures.
He's been out and about a lot. Starting in the Golden Age when he fancied himself a Holmesian private detective. Then there were the times he took Batman's place in the Batman TV series. To name but two.
The first is seventy years old. The second one of the low points of the characters' history (hell, I was five years old and knew it was ridiculous that anyone believed that was really Batman when Alfred wore the suit).

I was speaking about the version of the character that has been pretty consistent for the past forty years. Sometimes he's sarcastic, sometimes he's got medical training, but he's always the guy who stays home (or drives the limo) while Bruce has the adventures.

Which makes sense. If Alfred is your "medic," not to mention chief cook, bottle washer and computer monitor, it makes little sense to put him in the line of fire. You've just lost your backup in case it all goes to hell.
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