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Hey guys, haven't checked in in awhile. Here's the latest...

Been lifting pretty solid since I last mentioned things here. Changed strategies a few times. To jump right up to present, I'm starting Wendler's 5/3/1 strength training program next week so I had to redo some "clean" benchmarks the last few days on the key lifts.

I'm up 14 lbs from July 20th - up to 147 as of today. Actually might be on part to hit my target weight of 155 by December 15th. The maxes I measured over the last 2 days are a little lower than what I've hit previously, probably for 2 reasons. One is this week I was exhausted and not fresh, but I also approached them with a renewed sense of strictness about form and technique. No going down halfway for 3 reps at 250 with a spotter on the bench and calling it a 1RM of 262. Clean, solo on everything:

DL - 300x3
Bench - 200x1
Shoulder Press - 110x3
Squat - 230x2

Pretty excited about this 5/3/1 program. Oh I also started using Fitocracy. Check out the website or google it to find out what it's about. It's like but updated for the post-Facebook social networking site. I can send invites if anyone wants one, just shoot me an email at and mention this thread. The site's in beta so you won't be able to just join on your own.

After reading some of Wendler's book and other discussions of year-round training, I'm excited to approach this thing with a more long term perspective. I've never really said to myself "I'm gonna be -here- in 6 months, and here's how I'm gonna do it." But now I'm doing just that. I plan to be 155 by Dec 15, 160 by the end of January, mid-Feb worst case scenario, and depending on the Illinois weather and when Spring starts, I'll push as hard as I can, maybe top out at 170 by the end of March - but from then on it's lean, lean, lean. Despite 14 lbs of weight gain I have dropped in BF from ~10 to ~6. Fully visible sixpack, but I'm prepared to give it up to make weight. Then maybe I can lean down and get to chiseled 150-155 next summer. If only!
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