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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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One notices a thruline in Superman stories where they try and try and try to explain why no one believed the obviously corroborable theories.

Or are they corroborable? With super-technology you can explain anything, I guess, but say the lithosphere on Earth was thickening to the point it surpassed its buoyancy limit; would we know?

Jor-El is just part of the liberal conspiracy - he only wants you to believe that Krypton is going to blow up because they wants to tax businesses as part of their social engineering and attempts to restrict our freedoms. Many legitimate scientists have shown that his models are wrong and that the changes that we see are simply a natural event that we see every few thousand years.

Bottom line - it's a scam as explained on Kryptofox news by OREIL.-LY
Maybe General Zodbama put him up to it. All he has to do is kneel before him, and all is forgiven.
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