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Re: American Horror Story (FX) 1x01 Pilot (Grading/Discussion)

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I haven't watched either, but between the BBC show Bedlam and this, which show do you guys suggest I watch?
Having watched both, if I could watch only one, it'd be "Bedlam." Yeah, it's familiar territory, but it's scary and more comprehensible so far.

As for AHS, the characters are annoying. Yeah, what the wife went through with her pregnancy was bad and it took time to deal with things, but if her husband was really trying (before his affair), then she's going to have to work with him. And I don't necessarily mean have intercourse, but they could have had some physical intimacy. The husband was a damn fool for screwing around and appears to refuse to walk away from situations potentially threatening his marriage (copping a fell on the maid). And having a truly troubled patient IN YOUR HOME?! Idiocy! The daughter is just plain annoying, but then most teens are (at least on tv). Don't like the neighbor or her girl, Adelaide, either. Overall, it's pretty easy to see that I won't be a regular watcher. As both husband and black-suited figure bopped the wife, I suppose wife is pregnant by the mysterious person.

Oh, and I'd be out of that house so fast.
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