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Re: American Horror Story (FX) 1x01 Pilot (Grading/Discussion)

Ratings are good, not spectacular.

Wednesday's 10 p.m. premiere spooked 3.2 million total viewers, according to Nielsen. (Two repeats over the next few hours added nearly 2 million more.)

Those are decent numbers, and FX is understandably depicting them as a big win, with ratings in the 18 to 49 demographic matching "Nip/Tuck" — a previous Murphy hit for FX — and higher than for "Sons of Anarchy," now FX's most-watched show.

But "American Horror Story" drew fewer viewers than a number of previous FX drama premieres, including "Justified" (4.2 million), "Damages" (3.6 million), "The Riches" (3.8 million), "Dirt" (3.7 million), "Over There" (4.1 million) and of course "The Shield" (4.8 million), which remains FX's biggest opener.

The good news for FX is that "Horror" performed much better than two recent bombs, "Terriers" (1.6 million) and "Lights Out" (1.5 million).
But I have a feeling this show will hang onto its audience, being a guilty pleasure and one that is not replicated elsewhere on TV. It may even gain viewers by word of mouth. Anyway, if its demo is higher than SoA's, it should do fine, because SoA isn't going anywhere either.

Look at the Facebook comments below the story. Even people who kinda didn't like it, or thought it was a mess, are interested and will keep watching. It's pretty good when you can lock in viewers who know they shouldn't be watching - that's how reality TV thrives!
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