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Re: Why didn't Q appear in any of the TNG films?

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Then how do you explain when a project gets initiated specifically with one actor in mind?
Please name some.

Roles in certain TV shows and movies are written with an actor in mind
I said earlier, I wasn't discussing TV shows. The regulars already have contracts, and sometimes clauses to cover potential spin-offs. I was talking about major motion pictures. Studios do not usually commission a major motion picture to revolve around one particular actor in the guest-starring role.

entire TV shows and movies are birthed to be "vehicles" for a particular actor.
And often that actor's production team has commissioned the script. Or the actor has an outstanding contract for an unproduced movie to be made starring him/her.

Sometimes they don't get them and abandon or go to someone else, but things are created with one person in mind.
Would most ST fans be satisfied with a ST movie script written expressly for John de Lancie as Q, but with Q being played by a new actor.

This isn't an enjoyable discussion anymore.

You're intransigent and have a counter-argument for everything and anything anyone says.

I won't even bother getting into how you misinterpreted and misconstrued much of what I said. Just isn't worth it.
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