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Re: Star Ship Polaris

Justin Bieber wrote: View Post
how about an inflatable-tentacle-walkway-tube that could be hidden behind a hatch somewhere until needed
Mysterion wrote: View Post
For cargo transfger, they could just maneuver close to each other and string a cable between the two ships. Then, just send the cargo across via the cable. Personnel transfers could be accomplished this way as well. This could be done reletively quickly. Much like the UNREP activity you see between two navy ships in the present day.
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sojourner wrote: View Post
^Then what happens if 2 Polaris class ships need to dock?
Then they would have to find a workaround. They're not Star Trek ships; they can't do everything at any time.
I like Justin Bieber's and Mysterion's ideas, both of which remind me of just stringing lines between ships at sea, a simple, straightforward, lightweight, versatile, and general-purpose solution.

More important than how do Zodiac class ships link with each other, is how does one dock with a space station. In this case, I like the idea of offloading the equipment to solve that problem as much as possible onto the station itself. If a micrometeor-proof connection is needed to support a shirtsleeve environment, an extendible "walkway" could reach around from the station and hard-seal at one of the cargo doors. If necessary, the cargo doorway could be fitted with a special collar to support a standard port size.

Therefore, I don't see that any redesign of the ship is necessary.
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