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Re: Star Ship Polaris

Okay, so, my idea was more less the same as sojourner's. Except, rather than a rigid corridor, I would make it a flexible affair, imagine a rather large, stiffish dryer hose. The reason is that it'd be difficult enough to attach two vessels of such size at all, let alone maneuvering them to exactly the correct position to match up two extensible, inflexible pipes close enough to make a positive seal. Also, given the torque any movement of either ship would put on the joints and structure of a solid connection, I just think a solid gangway like that would be highly prone to failure in the worst possible way. A solid connector would only work if there were additional struts that came out to latch onto the docking ship and allowed both vessels to be rigidly attached to each other at numerous points to reduce the possibility of accidently destroying the interconnecting concourse structure.

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