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Phase II Celebrates 7th Anniversary With Release of "Lost Vignette"

I hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes here, but I just read a pretty exciting bit of news over at, and I wanted to share it with my fellow fan film folks:

>>"Lost Vignette" To Be Released This Weekend
Phase II’s Senior Executive Producer James Cawley has also announced that a "long-lost Klingon vignette" titled “No Win Scenario” will be released on October 8, 2011 – commemorating the seventh anniversary of the release of Star Trek: New Voyage’s very first episode (“In Harm’s Way”, 10/08/04.). The vignette was originally filmed in 2005 was thought lost, but was re-discovered by actor John Carrigan who worked with other members of the team to finish it.

Official description: After being pitted against Kirk in a Klingon version of the “no-win scenario,” Kargh would hunger for the day when he and Kirk would meet for real. His hunger is soon satisfied! Starring John Carrigan, Anne Carrigan and James Cawley, the vignette features appearances by Larry Nemecek, Jeff Quinn, Julienne Irons, Andy Bray, and Paul R. Sieber. Written by Erik Korngold, directed by Erik J. Goodrich, and with updated VFX by Pony R. Horton and Tobias Richter of The Light Works.

Visit site on Saturday (at 7AM EST) to check it out.<<

This sounds GREAT! Unless I hear something to the contrary, I'll be looking forward to seeing "No Win Scenario" this weekend.
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