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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

As much as I'm not thrilled with the Alfred take for this series I am curious about the villains. I think we all loosely, if not firmly agree, that this take on Alfred is not normal. Especially as a regular function of his character, gun slinger.

As for the villains it seems the 'toon will try to raise the profile of some newer, if lesser in original adversity, bad guys in Professor Pyg and Mister Toad. Both products of Grant Morrison, coincidence? I think not, Morrison is somthing of the co-golden boy at DC the past few years. What other lesser known, less seen in mass media villains will appear? The write up stated that showcasing lesser knowns was part of the shows 'mission'.
I'm pulling for Tally Man(hey guns are in right?), Black Spider, King Tut and The Answer.
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