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Weeelll...vampires are a type of serial killer, and there's no statute of limitation on murder, so it raises all sorts of wonderful legal questions, like would Stefan still be prosecutable for the murders he committed in the 1920s?
It's not what you know, it's what you can prove. And no one is going to give a crap anyway. Technically, he could but prosecuted but it's not like there's much evidence left after all that time and no one alive would care. A trial would just be a waste of money.

The murders he and Damon have committed recently all a whole other kettle of fish, though.

Also, Stefan is technically dead. Does the law apply to dead people?
There's plenty of case law on the subject. If he's walking and talking then he isn't dead.

Here's another idea: the most dangerous aspect of vampires is not their blood-drinking but their mind control abilities. Imagine unscrupulous politicians, governments, corporations, criminal cartels, etc getting their hands on a vamp and either convincing or coercing a vamp into working for them.
The simplest solution would be grow a lot of vervain and make sure people use it, especially important people.
Shutting down vampire mind control is fairly easily. Elena didn't even have to consume it, just wearing it was enough. If you're important enough that major political entities would want to mind control you then it's just another security precaution among many.

Mind control is so easy to block that it's really only a security threat if it remains secret.
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