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Re: DS9: A continuation

Chapter 2

Day 1, 1215 hours

Being the commander of DS9 meant that Ezri had to be fully aware of the region's politics and events. One such event on Ezri's mind was the Ferengi/Cardassian currency union talks, though that wasn't the only thing on the agenda. Should they succeed the Ferengi and Cardassians would jointly divide up the Badlands between themselves. The Badlands had vast amounts of mineral and energy wealth, which the Federation had only a small claim to.

Inside Ezri’s office her desk was littered with various padds. Both Ezri and Kira were on the same side of the desk, as they had been finishing off reports. Ezri was explaining to Kira the full implications of these trade talks. “-and so the Federation maybe at a disadvantage here, should the Ferengi/Cardassian currency union talks succeed.”

Kira looked mightily bored after Ezri’s lengthy explanation of the trade talks. “We still have the wormhole; that is the Federation's most lucrative asset.”

Ezri nodded once in agreement. “True, but the Badlands hold inestimable wealth.”
Ezri momentarily paused she looked surprised at what she had said. “I sound like a Ferengi.”

Kira briefly smiled, and Ezri knew that her friend thought that she was too sociable with Ferengi's.

After discussing the trade talks to death, Ezri got onto her feet. She walked over to a replicator for a glass of water. After taking a sip, Ezri walked back to her desk. She picked up Sisko’s baseball. “On a different matter; how is Megan coping with her duties?” She tried to pass over the question in casual way, while examining the baseball.

Kira though looked stony faced. “Do we really have to keep such a close eye upon Megan?”

“Yes we do,” said Ezri and she disregarded the baseball planting it back upon it’s stand. “This is my own personal project to help Megan rebuild her life. Megan has had it very tough for the last two years, and it will take time for her to adjust to normality.”

“Alright so you care for Megan, for some reason I can't understand,” Kira hesitated, she seemed to have no pleasure in covertly watching Megan from time to time. “You asked me how Megan is coping with her duties... She's punctual, reliable, hard-working and works with her fellow crew mates reasonably well.”

Ezri sensed that Kira wasn’t telling her everything about Megan. “But something about Megan's behaviour concerns you?”

For some reason Kira looked slightly perplexed. “She doesn't socialize with anyone. Nobody talks to her, except when necessary and in the Replimat she eats on her own.” There was a hint of pity in Kira’s voice. “Occasionally someone tries to start a conversation with Megan, but the conversation finishes very quickly. I reckon Megan doesn't want any friends or acquaintances. So much for her adjusting to normality.”

“I’m not expecting a miracle overnight, but at least she's working and contributing to this station.”

“Why do you care about this women so much?” asked Kira.

Ezri took another sip of water before answering. “Because I pity her and more than that, as a captain it's important to look at the well being of the crew under your command. Megan is a unique challenge and once Megan overcomes her fear of trusting others, her potential will manifest itself.”

Kira’s eyebrows rose in what was possibly her disbelieve at Ezri’s optimism. “That's quite an assumption to make, is there anything else captain?”

The meeting had already dragged on long enough and Ezri decided to call it a day. “No colonel, dismissed.”

Kira collected two of her padds and then left Ezri’s office. Ezri turned her attention to the baseball, and picked it up. She turned the ball around in her fingers, as she did so she thought of Benjamin Sisko. Ezri wondered if Sisko would show such an interest to Megan and be so determined to help Megan. Sisko had a certain distance between himself and his subordinates when on duty, this made Ezri wonder if her style of command was to sentimental.


Day 1, 1245 hours

Bashir and Nog were walking down the Promenade, and Nog was of course Bashir’s best friend. Ever since O’Brien left DS9 and since Bashir’s breakup with Ezri, Bashir found himself increasingly talking to Nog. The two played darts and used the holosuites quite a bit.

“You want to go to Quark's or the Replimat for lunch?” asked Nog.

“Quark's...” Bashir paused as he noticed Ezri go past him. “We could squeeze in a few games of darts...”

Nog looked briefly at Bashir. “I'd wish you stopped ignoring her like that, it's getting embarrassing.”

Bashir though was not really listening to Nog, despite his friends exasperation at the whole matter. Whenever possible Bashir tried to avoid Ezri and he still had not forgiven Ezri for her deciding to break-up their relationship. The break-up was like a constant splinter in Bashir’s mind, constantly tormenting him. “I don't want to talk to her,” he said after a while. “I mean why she had to come to this station in the first place I don't know. Probably to annoy me.”

“In my opinion you've just got to forget what happened between her and you,” advised Nog. “Always holding a grudge against Ezri is only going to hurt her further, and hurt yourself as well.”

Right now Bashir did not need Nog’s advice on dealing with Ezri. “I can't forget what happened,” he said gritting his teeth. “Anyway can we just drop this matter?”

Nog shrugged. “It's your life after all...”

Recently Bashir knew that his attitude towards Ezri had become a sore point with his friendship towards Nog, but it was more a minor annoyance that simply wouldn't go away. When the two entered Quark’s bar, they didn’t speak to each other for some time...


Day 1, 1700 hours

After a busy and somewhat stressful day Holo entered the station's wardroom to hand Nog a report concerning the repair list for the next day. Inside the room Nog was sat at one end completing reports.

“Here's the repair list for tomorrow,” said Holo handing to Nog the padd.

Nog looked at the padd. “Not to bad, seems like a quieter day tomorrow,” he paused and looked up at Holo. “Is something bothering you?”

That question was an understatement for Holo. “Just some particular crewmen... That Lombax fellow really irritates me, I swear he does it deliberately.”

“It's only because your…”

“A hologram, I know,” said Holo interrupting Nog. “But it get's quite tiresome sometimes, putting up with all the impoliteness and disrespect.”

“They'll adjust to having a hologram as a commanding officer,” said Nog confidently. “I guess it must feel quite strange for them to be given orders by a hologram.”

Holo had a great respect for Nog, not only was Nog a very easy person to get along with but Nog had no issues talking to a hologram. Holo supposed Nog was his second friend. “Funny you are only one of three people who treat me properly.”

“Who is the third person?” asked Nog while he returned to completing the reports.

“Believe it or not Megan. Max and I were at the Replimat, then she came over to our table, asked if she could join. It was pretty odd since for the past month she always sits on her own at the Replimat.”

“Be careful around her,” said Nog warningly. “We don't know if she's a Section 31 agent and for this reason she isn't trustworthy.

Holo could not understand why so many people distrusted Megan, and he felt he had to defend Megan. “In the past month Megan hasn't broken one rule, and there hasn't been one complaint about her. We shouldn't be openly questioning her loyalties like this.”

Nog laughed slightly. “Holo sometimes you're as naive as Max. I don't mean that in a bad way, it's good that you try to see the best in people, but some people can't change and Megan is one of those people.”

“We'll see whose right about Megan,” said Holo. He proceeded to leave the room. “Anyway see you tomorrow chief.”

“Bye,” said Holo.
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