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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

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^ In otherwords something connected to the movie's plot...such as "Quantum of Solace" was a reference to the organization Quantum, which reminds me...they've decided not to completely follow up on Quantum in this movie right? I know this isn't supposed to be a direct sequel or continuation from "Quantum of Solace" like the latter was to "Casino Royale". Will Quantum be addressed at all? It seems a shame if it is a plot point not being explored after Bond went to the trouble of exposing it last movie.
Could be a little bit of both. Quantum seemed to be set up as a modern-day, ersatz SPECTRE, and IIRC the screenwriter once said something like, "The core 007 plot is Bond verses Blofeld," and he played coy when someone asked him about it after he got the job writing this one.

Personally, my best guess is that Quantum will be there, but in the background, like in "Casino Royale," and not the main focus (though I suppose it wasn't in "Quantum of Solace", either).
I think at the end of QoS, they wanted to keep their options open instead of having an ending that will force the next film to pick up the Quantum thread. So, Quantum could still be there or not. Truth is, we don't know.
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