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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

Admiral_Young wrote: View Post
^ As Broc stated we don't know what that picture refers to or implies. It's a promo picture displaying an apparently more physically active Alfred than versions that we've seen him before and as I stated a couple of times already, yes he's used a rifle before. I saw the same image you posted while doing a google search earlier.
Broccoli stated exactly what the promo image is to imply and it's what I take away from the pic as well.

Broccoli wrote: View Post
The thing that is causing a stir is that the image and the way the premise was worded suggests Alfred is going to be some sort of bad ass who goes around capping people while fighting crime with Batman. As such, it comes off as very...unusual for a Batman show.
It's why when you do a search for 'Alfred Pennyworth gun' the only image of him with a gun you get is the one posted. If Alfred, even with his military past intact, was "often times seen using a gun" then more images of that would be readily available. We'd all be spouting out examples of, "Hey in Batman 316 Alfred winged Two-Face in the knee to save the day" but no that's not out there.

Promo art is intended to give you an initial idea of who the main players and their role will be. Alfred "in action" with a gun...regularly, is as Broccoli noted, unusual. Does promo art for Batman The Animated Series, The Batman or Batman Brave & Bold show passive characters like Gordon or Alfred? No. The promo art shows you the characters you can expect in dynamic action. Ergo, it looks like the Alfred this show is going to present is more Alfred in name only. The character is, as I said, more of a Dum Dum Dugan or Dominic Fortune.

I'll watch it. Let's just don't pretend like it's not extremely unusual and out of context for the characters 70 years in existence.
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