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Re: Star Trek: Typhon Pact: The Struggle Within (ebook) review thread

Overall I enjoyed it though I don't think the format did it any favours.

We have had a few Trek books of late with big political issues, dissident movements etc that have taken a novel to solve. As there was relatively so little space to explore these issues here then they did feel a bit inconsequential in comparison. That applied to both storylines really but the Talarian one in particular - everyone having a nice chat in a room seemed a bit too easy.

As always in CLB's work the character work was spot on with lots to enjoy and it was nice to see Crusher given stuff to do - it's easy to overlook her when we go into diplomatic territory. With Riker & Troi gone she and Worf really should be Picard's main advisors/sounding boards and that worked well here. Nice to see the new crew get some more attention, I've always liked T'Ryssa but this really made me more appreciative of Jasminder who has felt a bit bland to me up till now.

Oh and not the authors fault but I would really love to see Picard in a different type of story soon. He seems to spend his life negociating problems at the moment and doing the right thing while the Federation forget their values. I know Titan & Voyager have plently of exploration but it would be nice to see these characters get something a bit different next time round.
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