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Re: Why didn't Q appear in any of the TNG films?

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It just seems to me you're assuming DeLancie would have turned it down or demanded too much, and that's why a movie with Q couldn't be done and wasn't done.
No, I gave that as one example. I was discussing that movies aren't usually made that way in Hollywood. The possibility of the one actor who can play the main guest role turning down the script - for any reason: illness, other film work, fatigue, stage commitments - opens up the studio to unnecessary financial risk and delay. Add to that that Paramount's ST movies were often quite frugal compared to other blockbusters of the times.
Then how do you explain when a project gets initiated specifically with one actor in mind? That is done and has been done. Roles in certain TV shows and movies are written with an actor in mind - entire TV shows and movies are birthed to be "vehicles" for a particular actor. Sometimes they don't get them and abandon or go to someone else, but things are created with one person in mind.
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